You can increase voter turnout by 20 points 🌊

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Let’s talk about Text Troop’s movement building work in battleground states: Wisconsin, Arizona, & North Carolina.

Winning Wisconsin & Building Power in Arizona

We started earlier than all text-banking programs combined in 2018––more than 4 months before Election Day––and not letting up until we won, using our persuasion & listening methodology.

Text Troop volunteers reached over half a million voters with a quarter of a million texts.

We did polling in both states, which showed that voters we texted in WI & AZ were more likely to vote for the Democratic Attorney General candidate by 4 and 9.5 points, respectively.

Moving the Needle in North Carolina

We turned races that used to be super safe into races that were competitive––forcing Republicans to expand their map, and giving Democrats the power to expand our base.

Texting Impact on Turnout: North Carolina 2018

We started earlier than all other texting programs working in NC in 2018 and our increased impact shows it. Our texting drove more voters to the polls, increasing turnout as much as 21 points – 9 full points more than the 2nd best program.

The work we do matters, the work we do has a real impact, and the work we do makes meaningful change. Thank you for being a part of this team!

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