Small victories

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Besides anti-gerrymandering laws, the other thing Republicans seem to fear most is…voters voting. 

The supermajority rejected a truly progressive, vote-by-mail bill in the final hours of the 2020 legislative session last week, but we are proud that Democrats were able to secure a narrow expansion of absentee voting for the upcoming election season.

It’s a bit tricky, a bit convoluted, and doesn’t go nearly far enough, but we still savor our small victories. 

And the folks over at Missouri Voter Protection Coalition made an easy, shareable info sheet to walk you through the new law.

To sum it up, voters who are 65+ or high-risk will have more options to request and return their absentee ballots and do not need to have them notarized. 

For the rest of us, we no longer need to state an excuse to request our ballots, but we’re limited to the same old rules as before – we can only request by mail, return by mail, and ballots must be notarized. Remember, notaries cannot charge to notarize ballots and most banks are happy to provide this service for you. Just bring a current ID.

So, we’ve got a little bit more leeway for how we can exercise our right to vote, now we must ensure that we have the numbers to put a new Governor and a new Secretary of State in office and make vote-by-mail the law.

Register a voter and you will turn the tide in Missouri!

There are 154,000 likely Democratic voters who just need a nudge to get registered and ready to head to the polls. 

Check out how many potential voters are in your own county and precinct with our interactive map. If you can, chip in $10 to get five of them registered!

With each new voter, we march closer to victory.


-Missouri Democratic Party

P.S. The June 2nd municipal elections are coming up quick – look up your polling place at the top of our Show Me Votes page!

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