Florida Democrats Hold Trump Accountable During Pence Photo-Op, Continue Outreach to Hispanic Voters with Virtual Events

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It’s been another busy week in the Sunshine State. As the Trump administration brought their damage control tour to Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida Democrats spoke out about how Donald Trump’s delayed and erratic response to the coronavirus response worsened the crisis. Additionally, the party continued its outreach to the Latino community– DNC Chair Tom Perez held two bilingual conversations with Hispanic leaders in Florida to discuss vote by mail and the need to prioritize small businesses.

Here’s what Florida is reading this week:  

Before and after Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Orlando, Florida Democrats held the Trump administration accountable for their inadequate and delayed response to the pandemic.
Miami Herald: “With Pence scheduled to stop in Orlando Wednesday to meet with hospitality and tourism boosters, the Central Florida congresswoman unloaded on the vice president. She said the Trump administration’s coronavirus task force chief has done too little to protect seniors and Florida families, and dismissed his plans to also drop off protective equipment at a nursing home as empty symbolism.
‘Here we are again. Another smoke-and-mirrors moment,’ Demings said during a video conference hosted by the Florida Democratic Party. ‘The president and vice president want you to take your eyes off the real condition on the ground. Pay no attention to the people who have died. Pay no attention to the people who are sick.’

Tampa Bay Times: “Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo called Pence’s swing through Florida “a show.’
“We need real solutions on healthcare and unemployment, not a couple boxes of PPE signed by the VP and self-congratulatory remarks at a roundtable,” Rizzo said.

Florida Phoenix: “The visit comes amid declining support in Florida for the president, with Trump catching flak for failure to respond to the crisis and the governor under mounting criticism for the abject failure of the state’s unemployment compensation system, which has wilted under unprecedented demand following the COVID stay-home order DeSantis issued early in April.” 

Tom Perez highlighted the Latino community with a virtual trip to Florida Thursday, talking small business and vote by mail. 
Florida Politics: “Rizzo took part in the Thursday call pushing for more help for Latinos struggling through economic effects. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez and Rep. Javier Fernández also joined the call.
‘We have seen so much suffering in communities across the country, and Latino communities have been taking it on the chin in particular,’ Perez said.

Reports have shown Latino small business owners have had difficulty accessing relief through the federal Paycheck Protection Program.”
CBS News: “DNC Chairman Tom Perez made a virtual swing through the Sunshine State Thursday, participating in bilingual virtual conversations with elected officials and the Florida Democratic Party to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on Latino communities and small business owners.” 
… “During his remarks, Perez told the virtual roundtable attendees that in 2016 Mr. Trump visited communities of color and asked what they had to lose by electing him. 

“The answer to the president’s question, ‘what do Latinos and others have to lose from his presidency?’ Well, the answer is your job, your healthcare, your livelihood and your lives.”

Florida Dems Announce Election Results For Successful Electronic Delegate Election To Convention

Tallahassee, Fla. – Last weekend, the Florida Democratic Party held its district-level delegate elections for the Democratic National Convention. The election was held for the first time electronically.
11,976 Democratic voters participated in electing Florida’s 143 district-level delegates and 13 district-level alternates that will represent the Sunshine State at the Democratic National Convention. The convention is planned to be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is an increase from the party’s 2016 delegate election that saw 9,076 Democrats vote. 
District-level delegates to the national convention are allocated by congressional district. For presidential candidates to receive delegates they need to receive 15 percent or more in that congressional district.

Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, praised all the candidates for running:

“Thank you to all of our wonderful candidates for taking part in this delegate election, and congratulations to the winners who are going to represent Florida at the Democratic National Convention in August. 

Rizzo also stated that this election shows democracy can work during a pandemic:
“The Florida Democratic Party showed our state leaders and the country that despite the dark times created by this pandemic, the bright light of democracy can still shine through and every voter can be given a safe and accessible opportunity to vote. A pandemic is no excuse to deny voters their rights and we expect Republicans to respect the electoral process and work with Democrats to implement a safe and fair general election this November.”

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