Annie get your gun, brass knuckles, and tax breaks (but not any COVID relief)

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Missouri Democrats

The Missouri Legislature is on an extraordinary roll this week.

Called back to Jeff City to take action on coronavirus, Republicans are checking every single item off their right-wing wish list instead.

Here’s what they’re doing:

  • Legalizing brass knuckles. (We kid you not.)
  • Giving tax breaks to people who own airplanes.
  • Repealing the Clean Missouri law on ethics reform that YOU passed in 2018.
  • Stripping county health departments of their authority during a pandemic.
  • Proposing a “Guns Everywhere” bill that allows guns at schools, bars, casinos, churches, airports, courthouses, sporting events, college campuses, and on public transit.

Here’s what they’re NOT doing:

  • Passing a relief package for out-of-work Missouri families and devastated small businesses.
  • Making it easier and safer to vote during a pandemic. 
  • Passing MONA so that you can’t be fired or denied housing for being gay, for example.

With Nicole Galloway as your next Governor, you will have a leader who will veto these terrible bills. With Yinka Faleti as your next Secretary of State, you will have a leader who will expand voting access.

Right now, there are 154,000 likely Democrats in Missouri who are not currently registered to vote. We’ll need every single one of them in November and we’re embarking on an ambitious project to reach as many of them as possible.

>>For $2, you can get your neighbor ready to cast their ballot. Can we count on you to sponsor a couple new voters to push Nicole and Yinka over the finish line?

Thank you for your work to elect new leadership in Jeff City!

-Jordan H.

Missouri Democratic Party

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