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Help us meet our post card goal!

Presently, we have 240 Pinellas County volunteers preparing personalized postcards for other Pinellas voters who are not currently signed up for vote by mail. We also have recruited Indivisible groups in Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Portland OR.

Since we put out our appeal on April 11th you returned more cards than we got since we started the program in early January! Over 25,000 cards are ready to mail out in early May. Our West Coast friends are mailing us over 3,000 more completed cards. WOW!

This is our web page if you want to learn more and get involved: Pinellas County Postcard Project –

Help Protect The Vote!
Nonpartisan Poll Monitor Training

From the League Of Women Voters:
Poll Monitor Training Saturday March 7th, 2020, 1-3 pm

Are you looking for a way to help ensure every eligible voter who wants to vote is able to do so? You can do this by becoming a poll monitor!

We’re getting ready to train our next cohort of poll monitors as part of the national Election Protection coalition, and we want you to join us! Come learn the ins and outs of voting rights in Florida, as well as what’s involved with becoming a poll monitor, how to help voters advocate for themselves when they encounter issues, and how to help the national coalition track the issues that do arise so we can draw a more complete picture of the state of voting in our community and our country.

If you’d like to sign up to become a nonpartisan poll monitor with us, please fill out this form:

Facebook event link:

LWV St Pete managing this National effort to guard polls and process. 

Responsibilities – 4 hr shift election day, 2 hrs training, be bipartisan at polls.
View “Suppressed:The Fight To Vote” documentary viewable on YouTube.

Ion Sancho, Former Supervisor Of Elections For Leon County And Long Time Expert And Advocate For Election Security To Be Guest Speaker For Indivisible St. Johns Zoom Meeting

Most recently, he is prominently featured in an ominously fascinating HBO documentary The HBO special is titled “Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America’s Elections,” about cyber-manipulation of elections. Sancho not only conducted clean balloting locally, in an era when Florida elections were a staple of monologues of late-night TV comics but was nationally recognized as an expert on complex computer systems needed for reliable tallies.
Additional information and Zoom meeting access

Write to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders

Indivisible Safety Harbor has started an action asking individuals to write to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders urging them to work together, and to form a broad coalition needed to beat Trump this fall. This will require compromise on both their parts. Background, instructions and suggested message texts

Immokalee Emergency Medical Campaign

Immokalee farmworkers are putting their lives on the line every day to make sure we have food on our tables. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers is working in overdrive to take steps that Florida local and state government will not take, in order to protect this vulnerable community. Simply put in the New York Times article published April 3, 2020, by one of the CIW founders, 

“We can’t treat the people who harvest our food as expendable. Like health care workers and emergency medical workers, they are putting themselves in harm’s way for the rest of us. We need to take steps now, ahead of the surge of cases, to erect fully staffed field hospitals…”

And so we fight. Immokalee has virtually no medical facilities or personnel, and that paired with the harsh living and working conditions, this virus is sure to devastate this already vulnerable community. Your immediate action could be the difference between life and death in Immokalee, so we thank you. 

What you can do:

Immokalee Emergency Medical Campaign- Action Toolkit 

Please Like Or Follow The Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice Facebook Page

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice. Please “Like” or “Follow” the Coalition Facebook Page to help us gain greater visibility. 

Weekly Demonstrations Go Virtual During Pandemic

Contact John Stewart at for information on the weekly virtual demonstration. Every Monday or Tuesday he is sending out the current week’s topic and virtual protest signs to his direct contacts. 

Or just contact your Senators every Tuesday with your current concerns: 

Below is contact information for the Senators’ offices in the federal courthouse in downtown Tampa where we protest every Tuesday. Once a week you help stage a virtual demonstration by contacting the offices by phone and/or e-mail to let them know your concerns.  You can let them know this is part of the Tuesday morning virtual demonstration. 

We can keep a regular presence on line, even if we don’t in the flesh.

One request: the staff in the two offices have always been professional and courteous to us.  No matter what you think of their bosses’ morals and policies, please be polite to the staff when you communicate.  We have nothing to gain by being hostile or rude.

Here is the contact information:

Senator Rubio’s office: (813) 853-1099

Senator Scott’s office: (813) 225-7040

This will be a great way to keep active and, once the crisis has passed, to amplify the voices of those demonstrating.  Not everyone has the ability or inclination to demonstrate, so we can let the senators know that there are countless people who agree with those who are in front of their offices every week.

Stay safe. 
via John Stewart

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:
👉Indivisible FL-13 on Facebook

👉Indivisible FL-13 on Twitter

👉Email Indivisible FL-13 at

Useful Tools:

Pinellas County Progressive Calendar
Resist Bot, fax your representatives via text message. Text RESIST to 50409
Fax your congressperson for free at

Get action alerts from

Register to vote, vote by mail!

Florida 13 Congressperson Phone Numbers:
Senator Marco Rubio (R):                DC (202)224-3041   Local (813)287-5035
Senator Rick Scott (R):                    DC (202) 224-5274 
Representative Charlie Crist (D):     DC (202) 225-5961  Local (888)205-5569

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Following the
in Florida's 13th Congressional District (covering most of Pinellas County). Our MoC is Charlie Crist. We are #FL13!

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