Essential Pay For Essential Workers

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The COVID-19 crisis has made clear just how many workers are essential: first responders and healthcare professionals, grocery and warehouse workers, drivers and delivery people, and anyone else who has to show up at work to keep society functioning.

However, according to research by the New America Foundation, up to 37 million workers in essential industries earn less than $20/hour. Meaning, they must go to work even when their lives are at risk; yet many don’t earn a wage that allows them to live.

At a time of unprecedented government investment in the economy, including the country’s wealthiest and largest businesses, the hard work and bravery of these essential workers deserves a raise.

That’s why Future Now is announcing the Essential Pay for Essential Work policy. Through this policy, essential workers would get a livable wage of $20/per hour and also adequate overtime pay for the long hours they’re logging to keep our communities afloat. 

As big businesses are being bailed out, workers who are risking their lives every day should not need to risk making rent each month. By creating a livable wage for essential workers, this policy helps build a more healthy, prosperous, and sustainable future for all Americans. 

Learn more about Future Now’s Essential Pay for Essential Work policy and the resources for lawmakers responding to COVID-19 in their own communities. 



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