Nothing short of reckless

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I didn’t think it could become any more clear that Trump is unfit to be president of the United States — but his response to the coronavirus outbreak has been truly appalling.

These are difficult times, but electing a Democrat to the White House has never been more imperative, and Ohio is a must-win if we want to end the Trump presidency.

In crises like this, we look to the government at all levels for leadership and guidance as we try to keep our loved ones and communities safe and navigate the disruption to our lives.

That’s why it’s been so refreshing to see local and state leaders in Ohio listen to experts and work together across party lines to protect Ohioans — and why it’s been so frustrating to see Donald Trump pass the buck at every opportunity.

Donald Trump’s response to this pandemic has been nothing short of reckless. He ignored warning after warning and failed to prepare for months, making the coronavirus outbreak much worse in the U.S. than any other place in the world.

People across the country are getting sick on his watch, nurses and doctors are forced to treat patients without necessary protective gear, millions of workers are losing their jobs — all because Donald Trump didn’t take the coronavirus seriously, and still can’t seem to manage a comprehensive response.

Now more than ever, we need to come together and fight to elect a Democratic president in November — a president who puts the country first, a president who takes the job seriously, a president who listens to experts and not his son-in-law or Rudy Giuliani.

And that fight is happening right here in Ohio — the ultimate bellwether state. When we turn blue in November, the Trump presidency is over.

If you are able, can I count on you to donate $5 to the Defeat Trump Fund and ensure that we elect a Democrat to the White House in November?

Ending the Trump presidency has never been more important, and every dollar you pitch in goes directly to our fight to turn Ohio blue.

Stay healthy,


David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party

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