What 2020 Has Wrought

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“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”  
– Winston Churchill

Who would imagine, just three months after 2020 began, that we would be in our own version of hell? While there are some places and people who cannot grasp the effect of group behavior, some of us understand all too well that what affects ME affects YOU. If you didn’t get this before, you are in for some very rough lessons and rude awakenings in the next few months. Buckle Up!

Right now, focusing on politics is the last thing I want to do, yet politics underscores how this pandemic is playing out, both at home and around the world. 

My pinned tweet is “2020 is not just the year, it also represents 20/20 vision. It’s about clearly seeing What Is. The narrative is ours to drive.”

What I see clearly now is: you don’t put an incompetent, mentally unfit, lazy person in charge of the “greatest country in the world.”

What we are seeing (20/20) quite clearly is Trump has no capacity for humility, growth or appropriate responses to any of what has occurred. The fact that he was advised months ago and treated this as a “public relations messaging opportunity” as opposed to an actual health crisis is still an issue. (Trump dismissed coronavirus pandemic worry in January — now claims he long warned about it).

Other Americans can see this clearly as well. Steve Schmidt, who I’ve admired since Senator McCain’s run for office, had plenty so say — none of it good — regarding Trump’s incompetence. (Ex-GOP Strategist Calls Trump ‘Incompetent,’ ‘Ignorant’ Over Handling of Coronavirus Pandemic).

Schmidt was also a very early critic. His outlook has been honest and refreshing, unlike the lackeys who are now the Republican Party.

Trump is not willing to evoke actual war powers; he just likes saying he’s a “wartime president.” Why won’t he force manufacturers (who may otherwise have to lay off employees) to build ventilators, protective gear for our frontline healthcare workers, masks for all who need them, and tests, tests, tests? 

Why NOT? Selfish never goes out of style with this president. He refuses to evoke his actual authority (unlike the fake authority overruled by court after court after court). No, Trump is afraid to use any “socialist” actions because then he won’t be able to use that as a talking point against Democrats in November. 

Meanwhile, he continues to play politics with people’s lives by sending supplies for those who genuflect, grovel and lie about how great a job he is doing, while shafting blue states with unabashed glee. 

Please understand, if you support this man, I truly hope you will try to see the horrors he has personally brought down on America up close and personal. This is the only thing that will break his stranglehold on Republican voters. Or not…

This week, the Boston Globe’s editorial board made the decision to call it exactly as it is — Trump has blood on his hands. Full Stop. Period. (A president unfit for a pandemic).

As for the rest of us, know that in seeing clearly, we now have an ability to create a better, brighter and more just world for everyone. Even for those who claim they want no part of our world. 

A new world is coming. We can see the outlines in the ways our everyday lives have been impacted, and the innovative and creative solutions we offer to help those we know and those we don’t. Could this be the catalyst that propels us into The Age of Aquarius? I certainly hope so! 

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