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Ohio’s primary election was supposed to be over one week ago. Instead, hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who expected to vote on Election Day are stuck in limbo, wondering if and when they’ll get the chance to make their voices heard.

Let’s be clear: we supported Gov. Mike DeWine’s decision to close Ohio’s polling places last week for in-person voting — they simply weren’t safe for poll workers or voters. But the precedent of a postponed election is a dangerous one, and we were deeply troubled when some Republicans began immediately calling for the primary election to be closed after Tuesday … even though voters were barred from the polls.

That’s why we went to court. To defend democracy and protect your right to vote. To set the precedent that elections and our democracy must move forward even in difficult times.

We believe that no Ohioan should have to choose between exercising their civic duty or protecting their health.

That’s why our attorneys are arguing for an extension of the primary and wide vote-by-mail opportunities before the Ohio Supreme Court this week (and our Democratic legislators are doing the same in the Statehouse).

Ohio Dems are fighting hard for you, but we need your help — can you pitch in $5 right now to sustain our legal fight?

We know this is a difficult time for many families and individuals, but this is a critical moment. If you can’t make a contribution right now, we hope you’ll stay engaged in the coming weeks as we ramp up our organizing efforts (while staying safe and at home!) for 2020.

But if you’re in a position to help our cause, here’s the link to chip in:



David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party

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