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YOUR WEEKLY RESISTANCE NEWS LETTER WEEK OF MARCH 8, 2020 If you can engage in one of the following actions, great!
If you can participate in more than one, that’s terrific!
It takes all of us to turn this ship around.


In this rather dark, confusing time with election insecurity, a tanking economy,  and worrisome virus being added to an administration that has been working to roll back all  previous progress in our laws and ethical concerns,  here is a hopeful statement by the founders of national Indivisible:

A member of Senator Marco Rubio’s STAFF is scheduled to be at the Hastings  Library
Friday, March 15, 10 a.m.

“My staff will be there to offer constituent services on items such as social security payments, issues with the IRS, federal disaster claims, and veterans benefits, as well as to listen to your concerns and suggestions.”    

Got concerns?  You bet!  Show up!

MARCH 2020


March 14 (Sat AM) Precinct 508:  DWC (St. Augustine) Precinct 203:  PVUP (west of World Golf Village)   

March 15 (Sun afternoon)   Precinct 205:   PVUP (Central St Johns County)

March 21 (Sat AM) Precinct 304:  ACT (south St. Augustine) Precinct 506:  DWC (downtown St. Augustine)

March 22 (Sun afternoon) Precinct 207:  ISJ (West St. Augustine) A COOL ONE! SEE BELOW!

March 28 (Sat AM) Precinct 306:  DWC (southwest St Johns County)

Voter Outreach events are constantly being added to the calendar. For up to the minute information, visit our  BLUE WAVE ONLINE CALENDAR
or email

AND…..Canvass West Augustine with future Congresswoman Donna DeeganMarch 22 from 2-5 PMSign up here:

Witness at the Border, originally Witness At Tornillo, is a movement that began with one person. Josh Rubin started this movement as a means to be the eyes, ears, and voice for people who only want to live safely in a country to which they can contribute and thrive. We are the Boots on the Ground, protesting, watching, and conveying information that is not readily available to most Americans. We do this so that people will know and will act on what they know.
Laurie Holcomb-Ramos
To get more info, tap on this Facebook link:
When you are ready to Witness with Laurie, you can email her at with the subject line Witness

CALL TO ACTION!  March 19 Deadline!
     PLEASE HELP SAVE THE BIRDS! Write your Senators and Representative, and file comments with FWS


SATURDAY, APRIL 4th, 10:00 AM, THE SIERRA CLUB NORTHEAST FLORIDA ST. AUGUSTINE PROGRAM MEETING, at the Unitarian Universal Fellowship, 2487 A1A South, St. Augustine.  Diane Abell is a retired landscape architect, having spent most of her career with the National Park Service at Fire Island National Seashore. Before becoming a landscape architect, and during her career there, she spent her spare time honing her skills at photography in general and nature and wildlife in particular. She travels internationally at times to capture images of those far away places and the species that live there.

Therefore, given her passion for the natural world and the animals and plants that require healthy ecosystems to thrive, her presentation will highlight her photography against the present realities and conditions that can pose serious threats to this beautiful planet and its inhabitants. There will be informal discussions after the presentation. 
• Saturday, June 6, 2020, 10:00 AM, The Sierra Club St. Augustine Program at the U.U. Fellowship of St. Augustine, 2487 A1A South, St. Augustine. Guest Speaker – Kelly Ussia, St. Johns County Park Naturalist.  Kelly will present on “How to Live Your Life More Sustainably.” You’ll learn all the ins and outs on how to make a larger impact on the environment and do your part for eco-friendly living. So pack up your reusable water bottles and bags, it’s time to get sustainable!

 A sensible updated go to doc for COVID 19

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