Mitch The B*&ch

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Part 4.1 in our Ousting 8 Senators for 2020 featuring the self proclaimed Grim Reaper himself (and his actions on the Coronavirus says He is taking that seriously folks) Mitch The B*&ch McConnell the most hated man in Kentucky and the USA 

Vulnerable McConnell has sunk his own ship with his parliament  shepherding of republican senate votes, the flow of Deep Dark Money(which we will cover in part 2) Blocking the previous President at every turn and installing more Federalist Society stamp of approval judges than ANYONE EVER! 

Mitch the B*&ch MUST GO! Consolidating money and power is his plan, and He has a lucrative back up for when Amy McGrath forces him into RETIREMENT! NO ONE likes Mitch not even his opportunistic wife Elaine Transportation Secretary Cho 

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