Republicans hope you don’t see this

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A Republican-held seat is up for grabs in a deep-red New Hampshire House district next week – but this is no ordinary special election.

Republicans are throwing their weight behind Elliot Axelman, someone who has a history of making disturbing comments, dating back years. He’s even been caught on camera siding with Donald Trump after the deadly white supremacist-led Charlottesville rally – agreeing that “there were some good people on both sides.”

But in a seat Trump won by nearly 10 points, Republicans are still favored to keep this district. They’re ready to sweep this under the rug and continue pushing their hateful agenda.

We cannot let that happen. Granite Staters have less than a week left until Election Day, and we have a final chance to step up and REJECT this right-wing rhetoric.

This candidate’s record is all public, and the evidence speaks for itself.

He’s called climate change “the biggest hoax in human history.”

He’s compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia.

There’s no reason to believe Axelman’s hateful rhetoric will stop after he’s elected. So before this consequential election, we’re asking you to help mobilize and prove that Republicans everywhere will pay a price at the ballot box for harboring this brand of extremism in their ranks.

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DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a

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