Leo Sullivan Presents Exposed: BIHH Interviews Authors, Ebony Diamonds and Bianca Marie – “Unpublished”

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On November 22nd or thereabouts, Amazon began to remove any books associated as well as published under Leo Sullivan Presents, subsequently, any and all brand names he associated with. Initially, Leo told his authors, who are 99% women of color, nothing.  He provided no reason for the suspension, claiming Amazon was against him because he was a successful black man and it was nothing more than that.  When asked again, he told them he didn’t have any more information and to contact Amazon directly.  Since November, hundreds of women have been fighting for their royalties, Amazon bonus payments, and the rights to their own work.  Here is the story of 2 brave women who have agreed to come forward.  Authors, Ebony Diamonds and Bianca Marie (#1 Amazon Best Seller).  

When the authors attempted to contact Amazon, they were only told that their Publisher’s account was suspended, and to contact him. They basically washed their hands of any responsibility and left quite a few authors in a state of panic and ire.

Meet – Author, Bianca Marie (35 books published)

I was subsequently contacted by a group of authors published under Leo Sullivan Presents and Royalty Publishing house, who refer to themselves as “The Pen Sisters”. This expose’ is their story, which has become a publishing nightmare, fiction even their imagination couldn’t write.   After several interviews, tons of research, fact-checking, pouring over countless screenshots, texts and voicemails, it’s time that America hears their story.  This podcast is just the beginning.  

“Mother of two beautiful children who are my inspiration for everything I do in life. being an avid reader, turned writer. I’ve always had a passion for writing which was something that I started to do in my spare time. I finally put my fears to the side and took it a step further by writing a full-length novel. It has been a journey to creating more and more stories every day that I’m happy I can provide to my readers. I’m currently hard at work on more novels. As always thanks for taking a ride with me while I give you banger after banger.”

FB: Bianca Marie 

Instagram: BiancaMarieBookz  

Twitter: BiancaBookz16  

CashApp: $BiancaMarie816

Meet – Author, Ebony Diamonds (55+ books published)

“I always loved and had a passion to read and write, as a young woman I won competitions and plaques for my writing ability. I grew up in southeast DC and always imagined becoming a writer. After going through a domestic violence relationship I decided to write to relieve my emotions. It wasn’t until after my father passed away in 2015 did I decide to get published. I thank my children, my husband, and my family for their continuous support in me reaching my vision.”

Twitter: @EbonyDiamonds86

Go Fund Me: Ebony Turrentine  (https://t.co/rv1bypLmY0?amp=1)

Backwards and In High Heels is a SAG-AFTRA media production.  No guest was paid for their appearance on our show. 

L. Renee’ is represented by MacGuire, Schnieder, and Hassay in Columbus, Ohio who have advised these women to file an FTC complaint, as well as myself.  FTC complaint Number: 115377461 – I’ll include it as an attachment in the article. Which will be published on Monday, 03/02/2020 .  We will be reaching out to both Royalty Publishing and Leo Sullivan presents for comment.

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Jenny co-hosts the podcast Backward in High Heels with the fantastic L. Renee Chubb. She inherited her father’s passion for film, television, and theatre, and his need to help people however he can, whenever he can. Jenny believe content creators have a unique opportunity to bring new and different perspectives to people, and when democracy is threatened, dissent becomes patriotic,. Raised in Kansas, Jenny has lived in New York and California, and still believes we can come together and get through this in one piece. She is a member of Women in Film, has participated in Sundance’s Female Filmmaker’s Initiative, and wrote for a web series - Southern Dish - which did quite well on YouTube and Funny or Die.

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