The Misadventures of Martha McSally Part 3 of our Ousting 8 Series

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Part 3 of our Ousting 8 (Senators) series. 
We need 4 Senate Seats to rid ourselves of Mitch McConnell and 22 republican seats are up for grabs November 3rd 2020. We see these 8 as the ones that are #1 the most vulnerable to change and also the WORST Senators in that governing body!

Oh Martha McSally, the people of Arizona did not want you. They did not elect you and they got stuck with you when Senator McCain died. You know that guy, American Hero. Stood up for Democracy. Stood up to Orange Caligula(tRump). The one your Hair Fuhrer calls lame and said went to “hell” and you backed him up on that? The one you vote Goosestep with 97% of the time? Yeah that guy. 

Mark Kelly is going to kick your sorry backside right out of the Senate!

The people of Arizona Are sick of McSally trying to rip away their health care, LYING about pre existing conditions. LYING about women’s rights and health care. PRETENDING to support the Violence Against Women Act. Taking money from shady PACS like “Winning for Women” and “American Action Network”. 

Seriously crusty old wealthy white men from Wall Street, TD AmeriTrade, BIG oil, BIG Pharma, BIG Health care,BIG Insurance have ZERO business deciding on the health and well being of the people of Arizona and our National Parks. 

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