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  • February 15, DEC Canvas Precinct 1401:  10:00 AM Panera Bread 4403 Roosevelt Blvd
  • February 16, Free Concert and Meet Donna Deegan: 3:00 Fishweir Brewing Company 1183 Edgewood Ave S
  • February 22, IJR General Meeting:  12:30 PM Riverside United Church of Christ 2858 Post St
  • February 23, 1rst Coast Coalition Canvas:  1:30 PM Salsa’s Mexican 13500 Atlantic Blvd
  • February 29 DEC Finish Precincts 1410 1401 Canvas: 10:00 AM Panera Bread 4403 Roosevelt Blvd
  • March 8 Post Card Party:  2:30-4:00 Ila Rae’s and Tom’s 2804 Post Street
  • March 28, IJR General Meeting:  12:30 PM Willowbranch Library 2875 Park Street


Two men in this impeachment debacle demonstrated the integrity that is so lost in today’s politics.  Doug Jones, an Alabama Democratic Senator, won his seat by a hairsbreadth in a very red state and Mitt Romney, an unquestioned conservative, faced his party’s wrath.  Both knew what they were risking but they stood up and said no to this president.

Romney is the first politician in U.S. history to cross party lines to vote to remove a president of his own party.  As you weep at the failure of the Senate, rejoice at the strength of character of these two men.  Bask in these acts of courage which have always been at a premium in politics. 

Our own act of courage is to stay focused on the distant prize. The ultimate prize is not even winning an election but is instead touching the democratic ideals that we have yet to capture since our founding as a nation. Our ideals are certainly the shining city on a hill, but our history belies any claim to exceptionalism. 

It is this era that should waken us to that understanding.  Each time we examine our history, we see the cruel distance we were from the ideal.  This  in itself can be a comfort. We survived before we can survive now. 

Our hope must be that we will come out of this era better than when we fell into it. We understand now that voting is not enough to advance our Democracy.  Each of us must look into ourselves and determine how much we can stretch ourselves to save not only our Democracy but a very sick planet. Finding our courage is an exciting though scary journey.

Rallies and last minute announcements

When you signed on to this newsletter, we promised to keep emails to this newsletter only.  This works for most of our news but rallies are often last-minute affairs.  They do not lend themselves to a monthly newsletter.  If you want to be notified of rallies and special meetings, please email IJR and we will put you on a special list for rally notification.  riversideresistance@gmail.com

Indivisible Jax Riverside General Meeting

Pizza and Planning

Saturday, February 22, 2020
12:30 PM
Riverside United Church of Christ
2858 Post Street

Please note change of venue.

Post Card Party 

March 8, 2:30- 4:00
Tom and Ila Rae’s, 2804 Post Street

We care about promoting the freedom and well being of all.  For that reason we are committed to educating our young voters to the responsibilities of citizenship through voter education.  Voting is their most accessible method of protecting their freedom and well being.

How We Win in 2020

We must win because that is the only way we can protect the common good.  We win by canvassing.  People have never been as receptive as they are right now to your invitation to sign up for vote by mail.  In the past if I got one person to sign on in a canvas, I felt like celebrating.  Last week my partner and I got 9 sign ups for vote by mail in a one hour canvas and two new registrations! 

One mother woke up her daughter to make her register to vote.  Earlier that week Cathy Heffernan, leader of City Council District 14, and I got 7 sign-ups in an hour on a weekday.  The more people we have canvassing the more sign ups we get.  It is never going to be any easier than it is right now.  Please join us.

We win by increasing our voter base.  Democrats now have 256,359 voters in Duval. Republicans have 222,647.  We have to grow our base even further beyond any manner of voter suppression.  Thank you to all those volunteers who have been showing up at public events to register voters and update voter registrations.  We cannot stop now.

We win by increasing our turnout.  In 2016, seventy five percent of Duval Democrats voted while eighty two percent of Republicans voted. Their greater turnout came as a result of their use of vote by mail.

We increase voter turnout by increasing voters registered for vote by mail. 

  • In 2018, 75% of Florida’s Democratic  warm voters who registered to vote by mail voted; while only 50% of Florida’s Democratic warm voters not registered for VBM went to the poles.  Warm voters are folks who do not consistently vote .
  • Nearly 80% of new Florida voters registered for VBM voted; while only around 40% of new voters not registered for VBM voted.
  • Fifty-nine percent of cold voters who registered for VBM voted. Just 8% of cold voters not registered for VBM voted! Cold voters are people who are registered but have never voted.
  • Republicans win with VBM.  We must turn the tables.

Post cards are a very, very good way to increase voter participation, but the best way is knocking on doors. If you are shy, you can partner with an extrovert.  Let them do the talking and you do the recording and navigating.  If you are an extrovert you will have lots of fun talking to your neighbors.

Plan to join us for amazing work.  Check out the most up to date calendar of events to volunteer.

The Next First Coast Coalition Canvas

February 23

Training begins at 1:30 at Salsa’s Mexican at 13500 Atlantic Blvd. Contact Ila Rae Merten, riversideresistance@gmail.com to car pool to a productive and fun canvas.

1st Coast Coalition Mega Canvas in District 14 hosted by IJR, District 14 Democrats and For Our Future

Indivisible Jax Riverside volunteers along with District 14 Democrats and For Our Future organized their first coalition canvas on February 1st.  Over 30 people canvassed Precinct 1410 looking for voters willing to sign up for Vote By Mail.  Folks joined us from all over the county.  Volunteers from the Democratic Party, from Beaches Activist Movement, Sister Hermana, Indivisible Mandarin pitched in to insure a progressive win in 2020.

Old pros setting strategy
Ladies from Arlington and the Beaches joining with Riverside to canvas near NAS.
Orange scripts ready!
Time to go!

With all the canvas activity IJR still had time to celebrate the Women’s March

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