Preserving Chicago’s Tree Canopy

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House Warming Podcast, Episode 005: Preserving Chicago’s Urban Tree Canopy  with Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward Alderperson    

This episode is sponsored by Collective Resource Compost, a company working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting food scraps from landfills and hauling them to a commercial composting facility. Learn more about Chicago area pick-up services at

In this episode, co-hosts Sarah Bury and Anni Metz talk with Andre Vasquez about the “Save the Trees” ordinance he introduced shortly after taking office last year, why it’s important to protect Chicago’s tree canopy, and the ins & outs (literally!) of water infrastructure.   

Andre Vasquez is currently serving as Alderperson of the 40th Ward on Chicago’s North Side. The son of immigrants, father of two, and former rapper and utility company employee is invested in the fight for better schools, city services, and the right allocation of resources in Chicago’s city government. Find ward info online at, and follow along on social media at, or

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We’d like to thank our sound editor, Ilana Marder-Epstein, our research assistant, Amelia Diehl, and our graphic designer, Reagan Carey, for their help with this episode, and Collective Resource Compost, for sponsoring our work. 

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