5 Ways to Help Flip Joni Ernst’s Senate Seat in Iowa

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Let's flip Joni Ernst's Senate seat

Want to help kick Iowa Republican Joni Ernst out of the Senate this November?

Ernst has voted with Trump 91% of the time, which is far more than one would expect from a Senator in a purplish state. Those votes include ones to dismantle the Affordable Care Act; consequential as healthcare has emerged as a hugely important issue for Iowans. Let’s not forget the time she told a libertarian group that she would be in favor of directing Iowan officials to arrest anyone who tried to implement Obamacare.

Her voting pattern is also in stark contrast to how Ernst won her Senate seat back in 2014 which was by presenting herself as independent-minded and ready to “shake up Washington.”

Also, Trump’s tariffs have hit Iowa’s agricultural industry hard and she’s heard a lot of complaints from voters at her town halls on the subject.

Ernst’s polling doesn’t look great for a sitting Senator. In December, she only held a 45% favorable rating from Iowa voters which is well underwater from where her polling has been in the past. Trump’s polling is also a factor–he’s only running 45%-48% in Iowa these last few months. The race is currently rated between Lean or Likely Republican.

But as shaky as it looks for Ernst, we should not make the mistake of assuming the seat will flip. Flipping an incumbent is not easy, and the Republicans are eager to keep Ernst in the Senate as she is one of the very few Republican women in Congress. Also, recall that Trump won Iowa by 9 points in 2016. It’ll take a lot of us working together to make sure a Democrat flips this Senate seat.

Who is running against Joni Ernst?

Currently, there are five Democratic opponents running in the primary, (you can see the full list HERE), but the candidate with the most endorsements so far in the Democratic primary is Theresa Greenfield. The statewide primary in Iowa is June 2, 2020, (which is distinct from the Iowa caucuses for the presidential race.)

How you can help the Democrats flip this Senate seat

No surprise, it’s going to take good old fashioned organizing and investment.

  1. Donate to flip Ernst’s seat. Swing Left has started an Iowa Senate fund that will be given to the winner of the Democratic primary. Of course, if there is a specific primary candidate you want to donate to, by all means do that. For those folks outside the state, Swing Left’s fund is a great way to support the eventual nominee without needing to know the details of Iowa politics. Plus, this money will be crucial for the eventual nominee to have especially against the ton of outside money pouring into the state to help Ernst get re-elected.
  2. Help with voter registration drives in the state. As one idea, share Rock the Vote’s voter registration page for Iowa (HERE) on your social media pages.
  3. Support the Iowa Democratic party. Donate to them, ask them how you can help with voter registration drives, or boosting the number of volunteers they have to help with campaigns.
  4. Are you in Iowa? Volunteer to help flip this Senate seat! Swing Left is one of many organizations that is organizing in Iowa, and they need volunteer. Sign up to let them know you want to volunteer!
  5. Support Iowa’s League of Women Voters. They organize voter registration drives and have events to inform and connect voters with the candidates.

Do you have other ideas of how we can kick out Joni Ernst and replace her with a Democrat in the Senate in 2020, particularly ideas for folks outside the state who want to help? If so, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

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