The Progressive Tango at The Last Dem Debate (Heartland Mamas Podcast)

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We weren’t going to cover  this debate. With the Articles of Impeachment being sent over to the Senate from The House and The ERA ratification in Virginia. But then ……..

CNN took an unsubstantiated exchange between friends Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren from December 2018 and went for the headline grabber. CNN even said, when told it was not confirmed, “F*^K it we are going to run it any way”. 

To what end? To what end CNN? You have been wanting Sanders and Warren to go to the mat over their nearly identical ideology and here we are! 

Progressives were so excited to see Warren/Sanders/Steyer still left facing off centrists Biden/Buttigeig/Klobuchar – And CNN decided to blow that up – who does that benefit? Not the country certainly. 

The Mamas have lived their lives dealing with misogyny, but playing that card CNN, on an unsubstantiated story was totally not cool! 

We miss Andrew Yang’s fresh take on the future of the USA
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