Miami-Dade Workers Rally Against a Corrupt Carlos Giménez Congressional Run

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“El Corruptito” has spent decades enriching himself, his family and his wealthy donors at Miami-Dade taxpayers’ expense 

Miami, Fla. — Today, Miami-Dade County workers and South Florida residents gathered outside County Hall to speak out against Carlos Giménez’s rumored run for Congress.  

As the Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Giménez has repeatedly cut funding for wages and needed services all while enriching himself, his family, and his wealthy donors. The crowd was there to deliver a check from Miami-Dade taxpayers to “Corrupt Carlos Giménez,” a symbol of his arrogant and corrupt leadership during his decades in taxpayer-funded positions. 

Among those present were transit workers, nurses, and government employees whose wages were slashed while Giménez gave himself a 67 percent pay raise. 

“During the recession, we agreed that public employees would take a 16 percent pay cut to help the County budget. Over four years, working people contributed $400 million to Miami-Dade County. Our deal was that in 2014, our pay would snapback — but Corrupt Carlos Giménez turned his back on us and said we should keep our pay cut,” former Jackson Memorial Hospital nurse Martha Baker said.  

“This morning, we are gathered here to bring attention to ‘El Corruptito’ — Mayor Carlos Giménez — and his many years of ripping off taxpayers to fund his lavish lifestyle. Before you is a check that represents one of Carlos Giménez’s many attempts to enrich himself at our expense. Corrupt Carlos Giménez gave himself a 67 percent pay raise while he slashed funding for critical programs across our community. But it doesn’t end there. Time after time, Mayor Giménez has helped out himself, his family, his wealthy friends and his campaign donors with deals that we have to pay for,” Miami-Dade activist Maria Elena Lopez said.  

“Corrupt Carlos Giménez routinely abuses his power and puts himself, his family and his wealthy donors ahead of Miami-Dade taxpayers. Under Corrupt Carlos, Miami-Dade County has provided millions of dollars to companies involved with his sons Julio and C.J. — including the shady firm behind the FIU bridge collapse that killed four innocent people. Giménez routinely fought against providing a living wage to Miami-Dade residents living paycheck to paycheck, despite advocating for and ultimately getting a 67 percent pay raise for himself,” Steve Simeonidis said. 

Earlier this week, the Florida Democratic Party launched a new ad calling out Giménez’s shady dealings. 


  • Corrupt Carlos slashed $400 million in jobs spending, but kept his taxpayer-funded Mercedes Benz and even raised his own pay.
  • Corrupt Carlos awarded Odebrecht a $65 million no-bid contract for work on Miami International Airport. Odebrecht contributed $15,000 to Giménez’s PAC. 
  • Corrupt Carlos argued in favor of a $130 million contract for Munilla Construction Management (MCM), one of the firms responsible for the FIU pedestrian bridge that collapsed and killed six people. Giménez has deep family ties to MCM.
  • Corrupt Carlos regularly threatened Miami-Dade police officers with layoffs, until they agreed to a budget that slashed their salaries
  • Corrupt Carlos repeatedly favored county budgets that included closing public libraries.
  • Corrupt Carlos faced an ethics probe to determine if Trump improperly lobbied him during a round of golf.
  • Corrupt Carlos is a Trump golf buddy and Trump was one of Corrupt Carlos’ top donors, giving Giménez $15,000 for his reelection campaign. Corrupt Carlos’ son lobbied for Trump while Trump tried to take over a county-owned golf course. 

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