Start Me Up: Steph Walton Is Here For The Last Show Of 2019

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Steph Walton is here and we’re fired up! Trump is being impeached today and even though we’re happy it’s happening, it’s sad it has to come to this. We talk about what comes next, 2020 is going to be crazy, and we discuss the super PAC started by Never-Trumpers. We packed a lot into this show.

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Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and an activist for women’s rights, a contributor at The Huffington Post and has her own Patreon writing site. She is the Director of Media and Public Relations Spokesperson for the national advocacy group We Are Woman. Her books include Peyton's Choice, American Woman: The Poll Dance and The Virgin Diaries. She portrayed a police officer on the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives for seven years. She's also a former spinster, but will always be a crazy cat lady.

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