Your Local District Attorney also has a Family Separation Policy

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Woman in jail. Public domain.

Happy Thanksgiving.

While you enjoy your meals today with family, please keep in mind the folks who are spending this holiday in jails and prisons. Many of whom have not been convicted of any crime and are detained simply because they’re too poor to buy their freedom.

I hope you’ll all take time today and throughout the holidays to think about the kids, sisters, brothers, spouses, and parents spending the holidays without their family member because their parent, sibling, partner, or child is locked in a cage.

I know we talk about how disgraceful the Family Separation Policy at our southern border is, but let’s not forget that your local District Attorney also has a Family Separation Policy.

Today, there are millions of children separated from their parents. One out of every 28 children has a parent who is incarcerated, and 1 in 4 Black children will have a father who has been incarcerated by the time they turn 14.

So while we give thanks today, let’s also keep in mind the folks who are spending this Thanksgiving separated from their families and vow to do better and advocate for change.

Thankful for all of you who fight for justice.

Originally posted on Twitter. Re-posted with permission.

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