What are you thankful for?

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We asked you, our readers, to tell us what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving, and the responses are so lovely and heartwarming.

Please read and enjoy, but first, a brief word from me.

I am truly thankful for all of you: everyone who reads and shares DemCast posts and listens to DemCast podcasts; everyone who contributes stories and op-eds and graphics and videos; everyone who is serving in a state leadership position; everyone who helps us edit and fact-check; everyone on all of our social media teams on Twitter and Facebook; everyone who has believed in us from the beginning; our Board and Advisory Board for being an amazing resource to us; and our fantastic partners who are joining by the day.

And, of course, I am forever thankful to my co-leaders on this adventure: our Founder and Executive Director, Nick Knudsen; our Director of Digital Strategy, Lori Coleman; and our Director of Partnerships and Outreach, Jamie Carter.

I’m thankful that after 12 years, I got to go see my BFF in Texas twice this year.
– Betty

I am thankful for my wife, my cats, my career, my friends and colleagues and all the women running for President and Congress.
– Dr. Kate Wolfe

I’m grateful to have an amazing candidate for US Senate like Jaime Harrison! He is going to rid South Carolina of Lindsey Graham once and for all!
– Madelyne

Adam Schiff and nature…both working to keep this embarrassed and ashamed old Republican sane.

Photo provided by Judy Trujillo.
Photo provided by Judy Trujillo.

This year on Thanksgiving I am thankful for being a woman, and mother, who has dodged the many curveballs thrown my way. I’m thankful for my three wonderful children. I would be remiss if I did not also say how extremely grateful I am for being offered the awesome job of Campaign Manager for John Kiene for Missouri. Our team is amazing and he is a candidate that will make Missouri proud. Finally, working with the team at DemCast has introduced me to intelligent people who care about giving a voice to Democratic, grassroots candidates.
Christine Hyman

I have many things to be thankful for, but during this unprecedented period we find ourselves in, I am especially thankful for the women who have stepped up to fight back, the activists I work with every day who have mentored and taught and inspired me. Any time I feel the fear or helplessness creeping up, they pull me back to the work we’re doing, organizing and activating.
– Brooke Nadell

I am grateful for my Portland resistance community. We demanded that Gordon Sondland tell the truth. The next day he mentioned our protest while implicating Trump and his cronies in the bribery scheme. I am also grateful for the awesome leaders at DemCast.
– Scott

DemCast has people with a wide variety of backgrounds including authors, doctors, nurses, warriors, parents, lawyers, politicians, therapists, empaths, artists, musicians, grandparents, professors, designers, editors & many more. I’m thankful for these intelligent, experienced volunteers who are willing to share their talents to effectively lead this group toward its powerful mission.
– Karlie

I’m thankful for our collaboratively written Constitution (that’s what the first official Thanksgiving (1789) was about, you know), and that I live in a country where we have contested elections.
– Georgia G. Morgan

I am thankful for the Resistance and Nancy Pelosi.
– Robert Nelson

Friends, many of them courageously managing debilitating health problems, for their good company and their example; my companion animals for their love and for constantly amusing me; my good neighbors; my family network; my gardens, especially the blueberries and irises; my house, for staying livable these many years; my little Kia for its reliability so far (I live in a rural community); my health constraints for being manageable; music, craft, and art; political leaders whose integrity shines in their actions; and the robust forces working at every level to renew American democracy.
– Upstate NY Ms.

I’m thankful for the Resistance, our elected democratic officials that are holding this corrupt administration accountable, the whistleblower, and the brave and patriotic witnesses who are all working hard to keep our democracy in tact for future generations, like my children’s generation.

All of the inspiring women running for local, regional and state office this year!
– Mary Verzani-Dunlap

I am grateful that I have spent over 28 years with the love of my life and have two wonderful children. I only hope that I can contribute in some small way to the betterment of this nation.
Adam Cohen

I am thankful for the robust, investigative journalism that has held this administration’s feet to the fire. Subscribe today!
Matthew Weflen

I’m thankful for your kids, Kelly!
– My mom

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Born on the 4th of July, Kelly has always been a firecracker, leading a revolution of girls sitting at the boys’ lunch table in 2nd grade and founding Young Independents in high school. Since earning her Masters, Kelly has spent the past 15 years as a university administrator. In the fall of 2017, Kelly co-created the Two Broads Talking Politics Podcast with her friend Sophy. As producer and co-host, Kelly quickly built the podcast into a nationally recognized interview show, featuring Democratic candidates, activists, and authors around the country. She lives in Chicago with her husband & two sons.

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