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It’s hard to get much done this week! We’ve been riveted by the impeachment hearings — and then happy to hear the candidates in yesterday’s Democratic debate focus on many other issues. Missed anything? Here’s The Daily Show’s take on both, and the best recap we’ve found. Our take on the week’s mashup of impeachment and debate: when — yes, that’s WHEN — the Current Occupant becomes the Former Occupant in the near future, we’ll have a future of our own to build!

Here are some easy, important ways you can fight the Trump regime. 

  1. Probe PG&E
  2. Monstrous Miller
  3. Save SNAP

Action #1: Tell our state reps: shine some light on PG&E

Deadline: December 13 & keep it up – Hope your electricity is on & you have the energy to tell your state legislators: it’s time to hold PG&E accountable. The California Public Utilities Commission has voted to make PG&E improve how it prevents catastrophic wildfires & deals with planned outages, and to call them to account for their poor performance. The state’s utility companies must report to the CPUC by Dec. 13. Let’s make sure they don’t slip through a loophole. Tell your state reps to insist on a thorough investigation of PG&E, support legislation to adequately protect CA residents and PG&E consumers, and support actual sanctions for wrongdoing. We’ve got lots more info, call scripts and contact info at our illuminating article.

Action #2: But his emails! Stephen Miller must go

Deadline: Right away! – It’s in writing, over & over — over 900 emails from White House senior adviser Stephen Miller to Breitbart editors in 2015 & ’16, revealed in the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Nov. 12 Hatewatch report. You’ll need Dramamine: white nationalism, hatred toward communities of color and immigrants, all in keeping with the administration’s worst anti-immigrant policies that Miller created. Lawmakers are demanding that Miller resign or be fired, including Rep. Lee, who answered a HuffPo survey, and Rep. DeSaulnier, who has spoken out — please thank them! We’re still waiting to hear from Rep. Swalwell and Senators Feinstein and Harris — tell them to speak out NOW. Read our article for more info.

Action #3: Cold SNAP hitting the poor & hungry

Deadline: Comments due December 2 – Cutting back the SNAP program that gives food aid to needy people is a high priority of this administration. This winter’s new proposal will mostly affect people who live in cold climes, so they can be both cold AND hungry. You have until Dec. 2 to submit comments here, to try to keep the Grinch-in-Chief from having his way. Read our article to find out more about this mean-spirited attempt and how you can help stop it.

AMM Potluck Party this Sunday!

Don’t miss IEB’s Sun. Nov. 24 All Members Meeting! Party with us in Sports Basement Berkeley’s Community Room, 1 to 3 PM. It’s a potluck, so bring food or drink to share if you can (no alcohol please, SB doesn’t allow). If you want to join in recording parts of our model impeachment hearing bring along biz attire, but most of all bring friends — it’s a scrumptious & fun way to introduce them to IEB! Read more here and RSVP here. You can sign up on this sheet to bring something specific, if you want.

Tell Indivisible National What You Think!

Indivisible National wants to hear from Indivisible members around the country, so they’re asking for responses to a survey about “you, your activism, your group and your relationship with Indivisible.” The survey is due Sunday, November 24, and you can fill it out here:

State and Local News

Debate watch five!

A crowd of IEB CA-11 team members & activist friends gathered in El Cerrito to watch the Nov. 20 Democratic debate. Their unofficial vote: it was the best debate so far! Missed any of it? You can watch it at this link

Recording our model impeachment hearing 

IEB & Indivisible SF are pushing Congress to expand the impeachment inquiry to all impeachable offenses, and we’re showing them how! RSVP & join us at this Sunday’s 11/24 AMM as we use scripts to record the first videos of our model impeachment hearing. Anyone can participate — extra credit for business attire. Or be a part of our recording in SF on Sun. Dec. 8. Sign up here to learn more!

Your donations to IEB support our actions against the Evil Empire but do not go to candidate-related events.

Upcoming Events


  • Nov. 24, 1-3 PM: IEB All Members Meeting, annual potluck! Sports Basement, Berkeley. Info here & RSVP here.

OTHER EVENTS (see section below with links to phone banks & much more):

IEB doesnt necessarily endorse the groups, events, or candidates included here. Submit calendar events to

  • EVERY TUESDAY, 4:30-5:30 PM: Resistance Rally by Grand Lake Theater, Oakland
  • EVERY THURSDAY, 5-6 PM: Table with Indivisible Resistance Action East Bay at Rockridge BART
  • Nov. 25 and upcoming, times vary: Indivisible 2020 Candidate Interviews. Sign up for live-streams, info & schedule here.
  • Date TBD: Mass Impeachment Mobilization. Find an event, or host one! Date will be set when a House vote on impeachment articles is scheduled.

Phone! Canvass! More!

Check out phone & text banks, and much more, hosted by these great groups IEB works with:

We Could Not Make This Up

Gobsmacked that this photo of 45’s “I want nothing” comments wasn’t photoshopped or from the Onion? We were, ’til our proofreader caught the misspelling of Ukrainian President Zelensky’s name! “Holy huge CAPITALS, Batman, could this be real?” Leave it to Master of Shade Pete Souza to sum it up wordlessly & perfectly. Speaking of Republicans and big capital letters: Ranking member, it says Lt. Col. Vindman right there on the placard. Did you forget your glasses, or were you being rude? We have our informed opinion.

Contact Us!

Fired up to do more? Give us a shout!

IEB uses Slack, a chat system for talking about important issues, planning events, and team discussions. Want an invite to join Slack? Please drop us a line at Already on Slack? Feel free to contact our team leads: 

  • CA Senators: @ameliacass, @linh
  • CA-11, Rep. DeSaulnier: @Kristen L, @Ted Lam
  • CA-13, Rep. Lee: @linh
  • CA-15, Rep. Swalwell: @ward
  • Newsletter: @anngdan, @heidirand
  • Volunteers: @andrea

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Indivisible East Bay is a chapter of the Indivisible movement. We are a grassroots organization focused on stopping the Trump administration’s policies.

We cover the East Bay Area, spanning California’s 11th, 13th, and 15th congressional districts. In addition to IndivisibleEB, there are a number of other Indivisible groups covering specifics cities, countries, and even neighborhood. Whenever possible, we try to work together in order to build a coalition of like-minded activists resisting the Trump agenda.

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