An Open Letter to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine

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Dear President Zelensky,

I am an American citizen who has been following politics locally, nationally and globally for several decades. I was glad to see the breakup of the Soviet Union because I believe in self-determination, and I was upset when Russia attacked the Eastern portion of Ukraine, violating the nonaggression that has been maintained in Europe since the end of World War II. I was impressed with the anticorruption revolution that swept your country and stand with your citizens in their determination to continue that fight.

I know that you have been placed in an untenable position by our own President. I cannot imagine the pressure of being asked to publicly announce and look into conspiracy theories by our President where your answer, you were told, would affect both your relationship with and assistance from the United States. You should never have been put in that position, especially during an active war where Ukrainians are fighting and dying.

Please know that I, along with many Americans, are sorry that you have been in the spotlight of our Impeachment Inquiry into Donald J. Trump’s potentially corrupt behavior and abuse of power of the Office of the Presidency. Our Constitution lays out the Impeachment process for our Congress and, unfortunately, Ukraine and you are in the spotlight as we move forward with the public hearings of this Inquiry.

The latest polls show that the majority of Americans support the Impeachment Donald J. Trump, and his removal from Office. As citizens, we are letting our Congress know how we feel, and we will continue to insist that the truth be told. I hope that you will be patient as the process unfolds, knowing that the majority of the citizens and Congress support your fight for maintaining your independence from and your war against Russian aggression.

Even if Donald J. Trump is not removed from Office or Impeached, your Country will continue to be supported by the citizens here, and should he try in any way to retaliate against Ukraine or yourself personally, we will speak out. We will not turn our backs on you or Ukraine.

With Sincere Respect,
Ann Stith, Registered Voter
Citizen of the United States of America

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  1. Dear President Zelensky,

    My name is Nick I’m an American living in Honolulu and I give a fuck about Ukraine.

    Your friend,

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