No One Is Above The Law

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By Shara N.

Now is the time for all good Men [and Women] to come to the aid of their Country.

Charles E. Weller (sometimes first attributed to Patrick Henry)

Hello Democrats! It’s time to plan a PEACEFUL rally or movement. On the day before the Impeachment Vote in The House of Representatives, we’d like you to all to get together at your Representative’s Office or at another designated spot with everyone who supports Donald Trump‘s impeachment. We’d like you to make signs and be visible! This has to be HUGE!


Meanwhile, next time your Representative is home on break during the beginning of November, contact them. Visit them at their district office. Make several phone calls – but (word to the wise), make sure you’re in a good mood, not an angry mood or with bad intentions.

Everyone should have a few talking points and ask their Representative if they are going to support the impeachment of Donald Trump. Ask any questions you have regarding impeachment.  

If your representative doesn’t support impeachment, have talking points ready and ask them questions. Do they believe that the president committed a crime, and why (or why not)? Keep questioning them, pressure your Representative to answer your question. Now, they may babble around in order to not give the answer to your question. Keep on point until you get an answer that satisfies you.

You can also give your thoughts on why you think the President should be impeached. Do your homework. Write your questions down and don’t fall into the political trap of them changing the narrative. Be direct. Don’t be afraid to nicely challenge your Representative and keep questioning him or her until they answer the question you asked. You don’t need to be aggressive; you just need to be consistent. Let them know your feelings. If you will not vote for your Rep based on their position, then tell them that. The more people that tell them they will lose you vote if they won’t impeach Donald Trump, they might just change their mind. You must be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Your Rep must feel the pressure! It’s the only thing that will work! 

As a Country, we need to nail down our Representatives. We must convince them why they need to vote for impeachment. Our Country’s National Security is at risk when a President breaks the law, especially in secret. Another Country can always hold this over the President’s head and use it as blackmail to get a President to do the other Country’s bidding.

For example, Donald Trump broke the law when he held up the money that Congress allocated to Ukraine specifically for its defense against the war with Russia, but Donald Trump wanted Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden’s family. The difference actually comes down to extortion or bribery. Trump held up the money for Ukraine for a distinct political purpose, to use the dirt that he wanted Ukraine to find or say they found on television so it was public and then Trump would use it to damage his political rival in order to win himself a second term as President. This is the definition of a Quid Pro Quo and that is against the law! It’s black and white, I’ll do something for you if you do something personally for me. This was done in secret and planned by Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani for months before the whistleblower heard about it and brought it to the attention of the Inspector General. 

Donald Trump has a pattern of doing this. He did it when he asked the Russians to get Hillary Clinton‘s emails right on public television. He did it in public again when he asked Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden’s son right on public television. Donald Trump continually uses the media to get out information that will enrich himself and does not help our Country at all. Another example is when he wanted to use his property in Florida at his Doral Resort to have the G7 meeting, to enrich himself again. He uses this pattern over and over again and he breaks the law over and over again. How much will be enough until the Republicans stand up to this man! Why are they so terrified of Donald Trump?

A criminal should not be in the White House ever, but Donald Trump is bribing other Countries for his own enrichment. If he gets away with this, it will set a precedent for every other person elected to the Presidency in the future. Once, “we the people” allow this, our Country will always be corrupt and we won’t be able to go back. Once we allow a person to be #AboveTheLaw, especially the person who is supposed to lead this great Nation, our CONSTITUTION is BROKEN! Once one part of our Constitution is no longer valid, every other part of the Constitution is no longer valid. This is what a CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS looks like. Take this seriously, at this exact moment in time OUR Constitution is dangerously hanging on by a thread! 

This is extremely important. Once our Constitution is no longer valid, we lose our Democracy and we can easily become an Authoritarian Government like other Dictatorships around the world. Remember when Donald Trump congratulated President Chi of China when he ruled himself President for life and Trump replied that maybe he should become President for life too? This terrifies me and it should terrify you! Do you want to live in Nazi Germany or in Communist China?

There is a fine line between a Democratic Government and an Authoritarian Government: it’s called The Constitution of the United States. You still have a Choice. And this choice involves holding the President ACCOUNTABLE for his ACTIONS. Our Forefathers planned for this exact senecio, it’s called Impeachment, Article ll, sec 4

This rally or movement the night before the Vote will show our Lawmakers all over the Nation we believe in Our Constitution and The Rule of Law. We believe in Democracy. And we can STAND TOGETHER IN SOLIDARITY all over Our United States. STAND UP AGAINST CORRUPTION!! We will hold them directly accountable for voting NO (not guilty) on Impeachment and we will vote NO on November 5, 2020. WE WILL VOTE THE TRUMP PARTY OUT!! 


So, JOIN a rally, or Host one yourself. Your Nation needs you NOW! MAKE A COMMITMENT! Click on this link to RSVP. This is for all of us, your loved ones, for you and me!! DO SOMETHING before we lose Our Hearts and Souls!! 


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Lynda has been nvolved in local politics since the early 1990’s. She was elected to Litchfield School Board and served as Chairperson, served as Representative to the Litchfield Budget Committee, and served on State NH School Board and State NH Dare Committee in the 90’s. Lynda graduated Cum Laude of Riviera College in 1990 in Psychology and English. New England College, Mental Health Counselor.

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