Free and Fair Elections must be Free of Foreign Influence

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Speech given at Impeachment Eve Rally 12/17/2019

The Foundling Fathers talked about foreign influence in our election process.

Free and fair elections must be free of those influences or we no longer have a democracy by the people. If we allow it now it means allowing it in the future, then we no longer have a democracy by the people for the people. Our Nation will go to the highest bidder from other Nations! We will no longer be The United States of America and could cease to exist as we know it.

If we allow one President to do what Trump has done our Constitution will become invalid!

If the GOP votes against Impeachment this is exactly what they are voting for.

This comes down to how the future of our Country is going to be looked at, making us a much more weaker Country versus the strong Country that we are today.

This is a very sad moment in our Nation’s entire history. What the hell is the GOP doing by protecting this president while they’re surrendering up our Nation’s future.

So, this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause.

Padme Amadala

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Lynda has been nvolved in local politics since the early 1990’s. She was elected to Litchfield School Board and served as Chairperson, served as Representative to the Litchfield Budget Committee, and served on State NH School Board and State NH Dare Committee in the 90’s. Lynda graduated Cum Laude of Riviera College in 1990 in Psychology and English. New England College, Mental Health Counselor.

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