Ben Wikler, chair of Dem Party of WI / Bob Best and Linda Tata (Indivisible Chicago Podcast)

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Every week, Indivisible Chicago Podcast host Tom Moss talks to politicians, newsmakers, academics and activists about resisting the Trump agenda. The ICP is also a great way to keep up with what’s happening in Indivisible Chicago.

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  1. The importance of Wisconsin in the 2020 race in five hard numbers.
  2. Segment: If the Democrats have a path to victory in 2020, it goes through Wisconsin. Ben Wikler is chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and he joins the ICP to talk about Wisconsin and his efforts to ensure the state lives up to its Progressive heritage. Learn more at
  3. Bob Best and Linda Tate from Indivisible Evanston are among several who are leading the charge into Wisconsin with canvassers, registrars, and volunteers of all kind. Find out more about their efforts or get in touch with them at

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Each week on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast, host Tom Moss talks to our representatives, newsmakers, activists, scholars, and Indivisible Chicago neighborhood chapter leads to learn more about what is happening in the push-back against the Trump agenda.

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