Democrats Are Passing Legislation in the United States House

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That headline needs to be plastered on the front page of every major U.S. newspaper. And it needs to be repeated.

So far, in the 116th Congress (2019-2020), the U.S. House has passed 293 pieces of legislation to govern this country. Forty-five of those have also passed the Senate; 42 have become law.

So let’s see. The Democrats hold the majority in the House. They have passed 293 bills (of 4,619 introduced). Only 45 have been considered and passed in the Senate.

In contrast, the Republican-majority Senate has only passed 70 bills this session (of 2,594 introduced), with 20 passing the House and 18 becoming law.


So why are the Republicans accusing the Democrats of doing nothing for the People of the United States? Why are they focusing on the two weeks’ worth of impeachment investigation concentrated in only two committees (one in the Senate and one in the House)? Why are they saying the Democrats aren’t working when the Congress is on a two-week recess anyway?

Republicans are saying it because it sticks.

Republicans  are saying it because it wins political points.

Republicans are saying it because not enough Democrats are saying the opposite.

All our Democratic leaders have to do is keep tabs on the website which provides all of these numbers. Then direct constituents to the site when asked why they aren’t focusing on the kitchen table issues of economy, education, national security, and healthcare.

We must control the narrative. We must tell the people the truth. And we must demand a higher level of engagement from constituents than they have needed in the past. The world is changing. Citizenship needs to keep up.

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