It is Time to Support our Front Line Dems

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We must support our front line Democrats who are speaking up for our Constitution and Rule of Law, who are putting themselves and their jobs on the line to do what is right.

Representative Ben McAdams (UT-04) took a long time coming out in favor of an Impeachment Inquiry. As a Democrat that won a seat in ruby red Utah by 700 votes, who could blame him? But on Friday, Congressman McAdams had this to say:

Now the RNC is targeting Ben McAdams with a “Stop the Madness” rally, aimed to get Ben McAdams to back down.

But Utah is standing together to let Ben McAdams know that we support him, we have his back, and we 100% support an impeachment inquiry.

We cannot afford to stay on the sidelines. Now is the time that we need to stand up behind our Democrats that we worked so hard to elect.

If you are in Utah, we need you to show up. This is not just for Ben McAdams, but also to signal to all of the Utah contingent that Utah will not tolerate anyone that thinks they are above the law. Because no one is above the law.

Event details can be found here.

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