An Open Letter to Republican Senators

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credit: United States Senate Historical Office

Dear Senators:

I remember Watergate.  I remember that when presented with undeniable evidence of Presidential wrong-doing, Republicans turned away from politics and put the good of our country before their party.  I remember a bipartisan House vote on Articles of Impeachment, and a group of Republican Senators who told the President he wouldn’t win a trial in the Senate.

Senators, how will you be remembered?  When a president not only admits unethical and illegal behavior, and then repeats that behavior on national TV, will history see you as sycophants who turned their backs on their country?  Or, will you bravely stand up for what’s right?  There are some among you whose reelection is in question.  Now is the perfect time to show your constituents that you will stand up for America, and for our Constitution. The country is looking to you for honesty and ethical leadership.  Please don’t let history remember you as having failed us.

Mindy Schwartz

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