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For too long Utah has been considered a Republican strong hold; where the issues a candidate supports matters much less than that (R) next to their name on the ballot. I am running as a progressive Democrat in Utah’s 1st Congressional District because #UtahDeservesBetter than corporate-apologist politicians working on behalf of a tiny, wealthy, elite. It has made our elected officials unaccountable to the people and impervious to public sentiment. Our current leaders never answer our calls and refuse to acknowledge the issues that matter on the national stage. Our Representatives must do a better job supporting the most vulnerable populations and creating opportunities for all.

Growing up in a rural area, my access to resources was limited and my family struggled to make ends meet. My family relied on programs such as Free School Lunch, Medicaid and Food Stamps for us to survive. When I went to college, I had access to a full PELL Grant (and scholarships for my Academics and Debate) and I still had to rely on student loans in order to pay rent, buy food and afford my text books. My husband and I have very modest student loans and yet our futures continue to be shackled by our monthly payments…which are reduced by participating in an Income-Based Repayment plan. We qualify for this program because have both opted to work in the Public Sector and give back to our communities, despite the increased costs on our future. I am one of the success stories; I was able to able to pull myself up by “my bootstraps.” But it was hard, and I continue to pay for those opportunities (and will for the next several years). It is impossible to expect everyone to be able to do this, especially those populations who continue have additional barriers to access to these services.

I am campaigning on issues that can make a difference in the lives of Utahns. We need to champion causes that help out the people who need it the most. My campaign is about advocating for bigger issues that should be rights in this country; issues like earning a living wage, access to health care and reforming public education. The braiding of these three issues allows us to invest in our future and provide the necessary opportunities for everyone to succeed, not just the 1%. Our great nation is built on the promise of progress, on the principle of equality, and on the passion for justice. We now find ourselves at a fork in the road where each of us must decide which side of history we are going to be on: we must reject the politics of fear and hate and use our votes to make a difference…before we lose our ability to do so.

Join me at CheekforUtah.com so that we can make a difference in 2020.

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I want to be Utah’s Representative to the US House for District 1! #CheekForUtah #RaiseOurExpectations #UtahDeservesBetter

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