Do you hear that, Briscoe?

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Do you hear that, Briscoe?

It’s the sound of your constituents. You know, the people you’re supposed to represent. 

We know we haven’t always been very talkative with you but that’s going to change, starting now. You see, you weren’t elected solely to represent a portion of the people who live in your district; you were elected with the understanding that you serve all of us. 

Since you landed that gig a few years back, we’ve watched from the sidelines as you’ve attacked anyone who got in your way or rubbed you wrong. We’ve seen you troll, level your hatred at others, and make one bad decision after another both in the state legislature and on social media.
You probably assumed that was permissible behavior for an elected official. You would be wrong. If integrity is what you do when no one is watching, then based upon what we *have seen* it’s glaringly obvious you’re unfit for office. 

So we’re going to change that next November. Buckle up.

Beto was right. Weapons of war belong on a battlefield, not in our communities. 

Not a week goes by where we don’t hear about another mass-casualty shooting in this country. We aren’t safe in our churches, schools, movie theaters, stores, festivals, concerts, sporting events — while Briscoe Cain tweets threats and insults toward anyone who disagrees with his opinion that Americans deserve unfettered access to weapons of war. 

Frankly, that’s got to change. Closing gun show loopholes, requiring mandatory background checks, enacting red flag laws, requiring mandatory licensing, insurance, and firearm registration are all important steps which must be taken, but more importantly weapons of war must be taken off the streets. There’s simply no good reason for anyone to own an AR-15 or AK-47.

We protest today to call for change. Briscoe’s words are emblematic of the violent rhetoric that escalates the potential for harm in our community, and we demand better from our elected officials.

We are speaking out in Deer Park, Texas, against Briscoe Cain and his horrible history of representing the constituents of Texas House District 128. 

For years, State Representative Briscoe Cain — named one of Texas’ Worst Legislators in 2017 by Texas Monthly — has lashed out at schools and educators, at women’s rights advocates, at state employees who rely on food stamps to feed their families, at LGBTQ rights, at Democrats, at anyone he gets in his sights. He’s abused his platform with one ridiculous rant after another and harassed anyone he doesn’t agree with. And on September 12, Briscoe crossed the line once again, making a thinly-veiled threat of gun violence toward Presidential Candidate Beto O’Rourke. 

Abusing a position of power to attack ANYONE is never acceptable in our society. 

Today is the beginning of the end for Briscoe’s reign of insanity. Today, we are serving as a check on Briscoe’s arrogance and bullying behavior. Today we are rising together in unison to tell Briscoe “Enough is enough.”

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