New Hampshire Would Love to Veto Sununu

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Democrats in the State Legislature in New Hampshire are tired of sending Legislation to Governor Sununu’s desk for signature when he keeps vetoing bills. His most recent veto is the bill that raised the State’s minimum wage. Currently, New Hampshire’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

The Governor has recently vetoed three gun control bills that would have required background checks for anyone selling a gun, a waiting period and banning guns from school property. The State Legislature is frustrated about sending bills to the Governor’s desk in which he vetoes.

In 2018, just in the way Democrats were elected to the House of Representatives in Washington DC, Democrats in New Hampshire were elected to State House and Senate after being run by Republicans for a long time. New Hampshire is a State that is turning from purple to blue. The one exception is the Governorship.

Democrats in the State are already campaigning against Governor Sununu even though no Democrat has officially come out to challenge him yet. The campaign, “Veto Sununu”, by Democratic Groups is gaining support.

Rumors have been increasing by some Republican political groups of a proposed income or sales tax, but House Member Patrica Klee states, “There is no income tax in the budget anywhere, or a sales tax.” Nashua Representatives Sherry Dutzy, Suzanne Vail and Patricia Klee, in a public meeting held last Thursday took questions regarding the Governor’s vetos, problems of homelessness and the rumors of Democrats wanting state income and sales taxes.

Sununu vetoed a two year budget proposal by the Democrats this past June. He claimed it would harm small businesses and he felt it would institute a 12.5% tax increase.To date there is no budget for fiscal year 2020 that Sununu has approved and we’re already in the first quarter of fiscal year 2020. 

The Nashua House Democrats said the budget that Sununu vetoed would have helped Nashua schools and municipal aid in a big way. Rep. Klee said they tried to find common ground that would have allowed businesses to continue to enjoying the tax cuts in the first quarter of the budget proposal. She insists there is no plan for an income tax but added there would be a new capital gains tax. Klee also serves as a Nashua Alderman said that no one with brains would put an income tax bill on the House floor. 

Also discussed was the problem of homelessness in Nashua. Residents were concerned that the homeless living along the banks of the Nashua River directly behind their homes have increased were and leaving trash all over. Rep.Vail replied they are aware of the seriousness of the homeless problem and said rents in Nashua have increased at an alarming rate which increases the amount of people becoming homeless, especially for low income people who are disabled with physical or mental illnesses. In addition, some housing has become unlivable which also increases homelessness in the city.

First reported in the Nashua Telegraph

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Lynda has been nvolved in local politics since the early 1990’s. She was elected to Litchfield School Board and served as Chairperson, served as Representative to the Litchfield Budget Committee, and served on State NH School Board and State NH Dare Committee in the 90’s. Lynda graduated Cum Laude of Riviera College in 1990 in Psychology and English. New England College, Mental Health Counselor.

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DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a

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