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Biden Good morning

Day Three and Doesn’t Normal Feel Good?

Good morning! For the second day in a row I awoke without fear. I didn’t immediately reach for my phone to see what disaster was created overnight. I wasn’t worried about what atrocity was committed in my name. Instead I

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Yes, Life Isn’t Fair

On Aug. 24, President Biden announced student loan debt relief that will include up to $20,000 erased for Pell Grant recipients, $10,000 for everyone else making under $125k annually ($250k for married


GIFs to Celebrate Black Women and Caregivers 

Celebrate Black Women It’s always the right time to celebrate Black women, but especially during Black History Month! Use these GIFs to honor all the progress Black women have fought for and achieved.  Join


Student Loans

Student loans Financiers make billions while students are crushed by loans. Follow the money and political lobbying to see how the system is rigged. “More than 40 million Americans have student debt, totaling


Cancel Student Debt

Cancel Student Debt Why do Republicans ignore the deficit when they give tax cuts to wealthy donors, but use it as an excuse to deny relief from crushing student loans? Follow the


Last Week in DemCast

How can we explain the party of Lincoln turning their souls over to a cult of liars? When Rep. Liz Cheney was removed from Republican leadership because she refused to support the