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Love in the Time of Coronavirus

Some of us extroverts, like me, can get depressed pretty quickly when we’re stuffed into isolation. We are calling on old habits and finding new ways to cope.

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May Day! May Day! (MOMocrats podcast)

The first of May is traditionally a celebration of spring and the coming of summer – but for those of us in COVID-19 hot spots, it’s just a continuation of monotonous days


Stir Crazy Or Arrogance

The Heartland Mamas discuss all of the really WEIRD and wild stuff going on at the Edge Of The Great Red Divide during the pandemic. Are people stir crazy? Or are they


The Limits of Sadopopulism

Trump’s base loves him because he tells them they’re the top of the hierarchy and he’s the strongman who will defeat their enemies and protect their “liberty.”



Trump’s way to win the election is to get the fighters fighting and keep them fighting. It’s cynical and desperate.

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