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Police Reform

GIFs to Hold Police Accountable

Hold Police Accountable In Minnesota and around the country, the fight for justice in response to George Floyd’s murder isn’t over. Use these GIFs as you demand accountability for centuries of lawless policing and real change for the BIPOC people who have

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Rogan’s List for February 9, 2023

Demand a clean debt ceiling hike, push for police reform, take on off-shore drilling and more! Contact all members of Congress: Contact White House or other federal agencies: STATE-SPECIFIC ACTIONS Share Subscribe


Actions and Events

ACTIONS Join Dems across the state to urge legislators to oppose the Republicans’ voter suppression bills. The Michigan Democratic Party is supporting phone banks across the state. Find an event to join


Derby Week, Louisville Focus

This week Robert and Jazmin take a look at a few issues in Louisville, including an update on police and protesting, a potential strike by valets at Churchill Downs, and a discussion


Sarah Wood (Start Me Up podcast)

Show Topics: The trial of Derek Chauvin came to a close; cops are still murdering unarmed black Americans; the debate over “Defund” the police slogan, and how electing Democrats is the only

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