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GIFs to Hold Police Accountable

Hold Police Accountable In Minnesota and around the country, the fight for justice in response to George Floyd’s murder isn’t over. Use these GIFs as you demand accountability for centuries of lawless policing and real change for the BIPOC people who have

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A Measure of Accountability

The jury in the Derek Chauvin murder case found the former Minneapolis policeman guilty on all counts – but as relieved as most of the nation was, it was not a moment


The Week That Was

Once again we asked a member of our awesome DemCast graphics team to tell the story of the last week in images. This time we feature the work of Joanne Streeck. When

George Floyd Defense Rests

Message from the Chair

Today, we are responding to the George Floyd verdict, as are people all around us, with gratitude but also with recognition that even as one jury in this terrible case provides accountability,


Sarah Wood (Start Me Up podcast)

Show Topics: The trial of Derek Chauvin came to a close; cops are still murdering unarmed black Americans; the debate over “Defund” the police slogan, and how electing Democrats is the only