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Anti-Asian Hate

Last Week in DemCast

March Madness started this week in a bubble made up of quarantined players, empty arenas and Covid testing. It’s an example of how we are slowly moving towards normal, but also an acknowledgment that the Coronavirus pandemic is a continuing

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Asian Hate – Deadline Atlanta

In tough profession in Cherokee County Georgia, “protected” by an Asian hating Sheriff, 8 people were murdered.  The Heartland Mamas take a hard look at what the hell is wrong with people


A Mixed Bag of Both Good News and Bad

This week has been one of good news and bad news. The Biden Administration has overseen the administration of 100 million COVID vaccines – 40 days sooner than the President originally promised.


Racism Has Consequences

Follow DemLabs on our NEW social media! Racism has consequences Eight people including four Asian women killed in racist shooting spree with a gun bought hours earlier. This isn’t a random event.


The Week That Was

On Saturdays we ask our awesome DemCast Graphics Team to use images to tell the stories of the last week. As usual, this week combined tragedy and hope. Our featured artist is