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Special election results from Texas

Breaking news from a key battleground state: Late last night, in a special election for a must-win seat in the Texas Senate, Democrats Sarah Eckhardt & Eddie Rodriguez SHUT OUT the two


Two HUGE victories 🎉

We’ve got huge news from Text Troop. Take a look » Text Troop volunteers sent thousands of texts for Candace’s primary yesterday––and she won by 20 points! Our #text-here channel––where all the texting happens, to


Election Results from July 14

Yesterday, there were some big elections in Maine, Texas, and Alabama. Here’s what we’ve learned so far. Alabama Senate Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was hoping to win the primary in a


“The Donald Trump of Austin”

Friends – Texans are preparing to vote in one of the final special elections before November – and if we want to defeat “the Donald Trump of Austin,” we must mobilize now. Don Zimmerman


Don’t mess with Texas voters

Multiple websites, voting locations that may change between early voting and the general election. It isn’t easy to get the information needed to vote.

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