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Thank You for a HUGE Year

Friends, with Election Day upon us, we’re writing one last email to THANK YOU for a HUGE year of working so hard turning PA Blue! We are so grateful to and proud


Help fix rejected PA absentee ballots

Thousands of Pennsylvania ballots could be thrown out because they lack signatures, dates, or secrecy envelopes. Voters can still fix these ballots! Volunteer to call and tell them how Urgent voter protection alert!


Republicans think you’ll forget to vote

PA Republican Lt. Gov candidate Carrie DelRosso thinks pro-choice voters won’t show up on Tuesday. DelRosso insults us, saying, “They’re emotional voters. I don’t think they’re gonna vote. … They yell and


TPAB Activist Round Up

Days of activism remaining until the mid-term election:  This is it. Our last week to Get Out the Vote. We know this election will be close. Join us! Click on the blue

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