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50-State Strategy: Maine

Power-Building Strategy: Pass the National Popular Vote Compact. Three times in American history has a Presidential candidate been elected without winning the popular vote. Each time it has divided the nation and


How Can You Support Transgender People in Maine?

Hello friends, Today is International Transgender Day of Visibility, a time to honor and celebrate transgender and nonbinary people, amplify their voices, and commit to becoming better allies. Transgender people are under


Voter suppression, votes in the Legislature and top events

Hello friends,  Heinous. That’s the best word to describe Georgia’s new voter suppression law, signed into law this week. The legislation attacks free and fair elections by allowing the Republican-led Legislature to usurp and overrule county election


We Won!

Friends, We did it!  Thanks in no small part to your support, Craig Hickman won the Maine Senate special election on Tuesday night! This is a seat that supported Trump by 2% in