Steve Pierson

Co-Host of Swing Left “How We Win” Podcast, Dad, Husband, Maker of Music #howwewin2020 he/him/his

Movin’ On with Reggie Hubbard

Joining us today is Reggie Hubbard from MoveOn… and Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign… and formerly Joe Biden’s advance team. He’s going to talk to us about some important calls to action you can take to make a difference right now. And how

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How We Win Season Two is Here!

Season one of Swing Left’s How We Win chronicled the amazing and tumultuous journey to defeat Trump and win the majority in the U.S. Senate. Season two picks up where we left off to


Welcome to 2021 with Tori Taylor

Despite the worst efforts of Trump and the GOP, there are 11 days until Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be inaugurated, completing the trifecta with Democrats controlling the White House and


Down Ballot with Rita Bosworth

Joining us today is the Executive Director and Founder of Sister District, Rita Bosworth. We have a fantastic conversation about how important volunteer engagement is, and why “Down ballot races are where

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