Democracy Labs

Democracy Labs is a hub for ongoing technology and creative innovation that serves progressive campaigns and organizations at the national, state, and local levels.

Our focus is on long term, sustainable and affordable solutions. An approach that is longer than an election cycle, and isn’t purely dependant on volunteers, can enable more qualified candidates to run for office and for more issue groups to bring about positive social change.

Democracy Labs is a project of the Tides Advocacy Fund.

Who’s your political rep?

Who’s your political rep? Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) said he may prosecute women for ending their own pregnancies. – Law & Crime Who is your political rep? Congressperson? Senator? Governor? State Attorney General? How


Follow the George Santos money trail

Follow the George Santos money trail Kevin McCarthy overlooks Santos’ lies to seat him in Congress. “A person who misrepresented themselves as speaking on behalf of a candidate in order to raise


GOP Agenda – Illustrated Edition

GOP Agenda – Illustrated Edition Republicans unveil their extremist agenda to ban abortions, cut taxes for billionaires and ignore the truth. Follow the agenda with this free pictorial guide! The just released “GOP

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