BADASS Briefing, November 16, 2023

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NOV. 17, 2023, NOON

With Election 2023 behind us and the win at our backs as we go into 2024, we are continuing our conversation on insights relating to last week’s election.

Joining us this week to unpack this election and talk about how we use it for 2024 is the always outspoken election whisperer herself, political strategist Rachel Bitecofer. Rachel correctly predicted the Blue Wave of 2018 – giving credit to the grassroots when the established political consultants and pundits didn’t even know the grassroots existed. Ever since 2018, her predictions have been spot on ever since.

To get a bit more granular in our look at 2023, we will hear from Jim Shelton (Political Analyst, 31st Street Swing Left) who has been analyzing Virginia elections for the grassroots since 2017.

Next will be an exclusive interview with former candidate Susanna Gibson who despite salacious attacks by Republicans used against her, came very close to winning. We will discuss the scandal, her race, and the double standard women candidates face.

We will end with a conversation with Susan Wagner (Co-Founder, Markers for Democracy and Co-Lead, Grassroots Collaboration Project) who will tell us about Markers for Democracy based in New York and the newly formed Grassroots Collaboration Project that is connecting grassroots groups across the country in preparation for 2024.

See you on Friday for Round 2 of our election coverage.

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