Political pros look ahead to 2024

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Blue Thursday: Political insiders look ahead to 2024 

How did you feel last Sunday when the NYTimes released that poll showing Trump ahead in five key swing states? How did you feel Tuesday night after Democrats killed in Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky? Confused? Get used to it: that’s what the next 12 months are going to be like. 

To help prepare for the wild ride ahead, we’ve arranged a very special Blue Thursday for November 16: a discussion with two political pros who between them have worked dozens if not hundreds of prominent state and national campaigns: Robert Creamer, who founded the Illinois Public Action Council (later known as Illinois Citizen Action) almost 50 years ago and since has been active in countless progressive campaigns and causes, and Pete Giangreco, a veteran Democratic strategist who advised Barack Obama, among many others, and was named by Ballotpedia as one of the “top influencers” in Illinois. They will tell us what to watch for, and watch out for, in the critical election year ahead. 

We’ll gather at Blue Beginning World Headquarters, aka the Hideout, starting at 5:30. We’ll have a drink and schmooze for a while, bring out our guest experts at 6, and have you on your way at 7. Bring a few friends. It’s free and open to all, just RSVP here to let us know you’re coming.

Visit us at bluebeginning.org. Email us at bluebeginning2017@gmail.com. Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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