Spooky Edition – November 7th is right around the corner…

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Vote YES on Issue One

This week we saw the election of an extreme speaker of the house in Washington who supports a national abortion ban, opposes gay marriage and wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. 

Republicans at the national and state level have been explicit on where they stand on this issue. 

We want to be very clear– Ohio Republicans do not want to protect women. Governor Mike DeWine supports an extreme abortion ban and even told a group of anti-abortion activists that he wants to go ‘as far as we can’ to limit abortion rights in Ohio. 

DeWine signed a 6-week abortion ban into law in 2019. The law, which DeWine and Attorney General Yost ushered through the court hours after the fall of Roe v. Wade, remains on hold due to litigation. The 6-week ban DeWine championed includes no exception for rape or incest. 

Yost has already asked the Republican-controlled Supreme Court to lift the injunction on the 6-week ban, with a decision currently still pending.

Every Republican running in the GOP Senate primary supports an abortion ban. 

Voting YES on Issue One is the defense we have against these extreme politicians who want to make healthcare decisions for you and your family. Join us in turning out the vote for this crucial election. 

Doors, Calls and Chaos. OH MY!

Whoever deemed 2023 an off year for politics clearly didn’t hear about Ohio. Not only did we soundly defeat Issue 1 in August, we are ready to turn around and vote YES on Issue 1 by November 7th. 

Early voting is well underway, but there is still more work to be done. 

Direct voter contact is the best way to ensure that someone is going to turn out to vote Yes on Issue 1. Ohio Democrats have made almost 250k calls and knocked almost 230k doors so far. Please consider joining us for a shift on the doors or phones in these final 11 days.

You can sign up for a canvassing shift using our canvass calendar below.

Canvass Calendar

Can’t join us on the doors? Sign up to make some calls! Ohio Democrats have pledged to make one million phone calls to voters about the November election. View our phonebank calendar and pick a few times to get on the dialer!

Phonebank Calendar

Events Corner

It’s a sprint to the finish for these last 11 days. When we aren’t on the doors or the phones, Ohio Democrats are putting on some exciting events across the state. We hope you consider joining us for one of these events!

Friend of the Party Cocktail Party

The boys from Pod Save America are hitting the road and will be stopping in Cleveland on Sunday, October 29th at 7pm.

Ohio Democrats are so excited to be hosting a Friend of the Party Cocktail Hour immediately before the live show from 4:30-6:30pm.

Checkout the ticket levels below:

Champion of the Party | $250
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour, ticket to Pod Save America show at Mimi Ohio Theatre, and Friend of the Party Swag Bag

Friend of the Party | $100
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour and Friend of the Party Swag Bag

Young Dems | $25
Includes entry to Cocktail Hour

RSVP for the Cocktail Hour

Happy Hour with Congresswoman Kaptur

Join the longest serving woman in the history of Congress and one of Ohio’s Frontline candidates, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur for an event in Columbus. Maybe she’ll even recreate this iconic moment

RSVP for Event with Congresswoman Kaptur

Drinks with Dems Columbus – GOTV Edition

Ohio Democrats are BACK with another Drinks with Dems event. This time, we will be in Columbus. Join us for this casual cocktail hour to mingle with local Democrats and get fired up for the November 7th Election. Funds raised at the event will help us turn out Democrats to vote YES on Issue 1.


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio canceled over 26,000 inactive voter registrations. Here’s what you need to know

WEWS-TV Cleveland: Ohio Democratic-stronghold counties exceeding early voting expectations for election on abortion, marijuana

Statehouse News Bureau: What does Ohio’s Issue 1 say on miscarriage care and other reproductive rights?

WTVG-TV Toledo: Toledo awarded $750,00 toward housing improvements for Alpha Tower residents

And just like that, November 7th is only a little over a week away. 

First: We’re facing a high-stakes election next month, so we’ve been steadfast in making sure that every Ohioan is prepared to get to the polls and vote. With Republicans finding new and sneakier ways to attack our voting rights, we have to ensure that every resident is armed with the knowledge they need to make their voice heard. 

Then: National Democrats started chiming in and Barack Obama expressed his support for Issue 1, our transformative amendment to Ohio’s constitution. Voting YES on Issue 1 means that we will have the freedom to make our own healthcare decisions and prevent corrupt politicians from attacking abortion rights.

Now: After Obama expressed his support of Issue 1, we were thrilled to witness an unprecedented surge of grassroots support across the state. But that doesn’t mean our work is over.

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