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Rally with NOPE Neighbors for VICTORY IN VIRGINIA

October 12, 7:00pm ET – ZOOM

Millions of dollars are flooding into Governor Youngkin’s PAC from conservatives around the country. Encouraged by Youngkin’s victory in 2021, they want to turn Virginia from blue to purple, putting 13 electoral votes in play in 2024. We can’t let this happen!The GOP is currently the party of chaos. Look no further than the House Speaker fight playing out in Congress. On the state level, the Youngkin administration has just admitted to wrongly removing at least 270 citizens from the voting rolls because they were mistakenly categorized as felons. This is just the latest in a series of mistakes and policy decisions that have led to questions about the administration’s “competency and intentions” for election management.

Contrast this with the Democrats’ record in 2019-2021, when they held the Virginia Assembly and the Governor’s mansion. They governed. Here’s a list of their accomplishments:

  • Stronger environmental protections
  • Expanded access to health care
  • A minimum wage increase
  • Mandatory background checks for all gun sales
  • Abolition of the death penalty and legalization of marijuana

Perhaps most importantly of all – for the health of our democracy – Democrats expanded voting rights by legalizing mail-in voting, permitting voters to register as late as election day, and making election day a legal holiday. You can thank a Democrat for that!

Now is the time — when we meet, VA Election Day (November 7) is less than one month away! REGISTER

NOPE’s lead speaker will be Delegate Dan Helmer. Dan is a two-term member of the VA House of Delegates and Vice Chair for Outreach for the VA House Democratic Caucus. He also leads Secure Progress, a PAC that’s fundraising for progressive candidates in the tightest VA House races.

We’ll also learn what VA grassroots organizations are doing right now to turn out the vote in underrepresented communities across the state. The VA State Director of CASALuis Aguilar, will explain how CASA’s year-round advocacy program for immigrants, communities of color, and working families builds trust, improves lives, and translates into votes this November.



Senator L. Louise Lucas & Delegate Dan Helmer


Fairfax, VA – near Mosaic District!

Wednesday, October 18th at 7 pm

Jump into the ring with us to retake Virginia’s General Assembly this November!  Join Network NOVA badasses Stair Calhoun, Katherine White & awesome host, Tina Barchik to make some good trouble for Democracy – Women’s RIghts – Reproductive Rights – Civil and Voting Rights – Public Education – Labor Rights – LGBTQ Rights and more …

Senator Lucas is the PEOPLE’S CHAMPION and DEFENDER of Reproductive Rights – she built the brick wall in the Senate to protects our rights and progress in Virginia. She is coming to Fairfax to rally the vote and to raise some $$ for the fight!

Delegate Dan Helmer is the CONSTITUENTS’ CHAMPION – protecting access to affordable healthcare and safe and legal abortions, passing common-sense gun reform, and protecting our democracy from extremists. Dan is someone we can rely on!

We will not let MAGA drag us back to the past – let’s fight for our democracy!

Join us for the fight 🥊 🥊,

Stair, Katherine & Tina


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Compliments of Network NOVA – When We Vote We Win

If you can’t come to our meetings and want to get started on ensuring VICTORY IN VIRGINA, here are some great opportunities to donate to VA candidates and VA grassroots organizations and to begin working on VA get-out-the-vote and voter protection activities:

  • Support VA House candidates in the most competitive races through NOPE’s Secure Progress link.
  • Volunteer for many voter contact and voter protection opportunities here.  
  • Help fund GOTV initiatives led by VA grassroots organizations like CASA and New Virginia Majority here.

Working together, we can win in VA! PLEASE SHARE

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