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We need to fill you in on everything that happened this week, so let’s jump right in.

Vote YES on Issue One

This November, voters will head back to the polls to vote YES on the new Issue One, a ballot initiative that seeks to protect abortion rights and other reproductive freedoms in Ohio’s Constitution.

Voting YES in November stops Republicans’ total abortion ban – with no exemptions for rape or incest – from taking effect and keeps the government out of our family’s personal medical decisions. Ohioans should have the freedom to make personal, private decisions for themselves and their families without corrupt politicians inserting themselves in the process.

Ohio Dems are proudly Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, and Pro-Issue One. Keep reading to see how you can get involved.

Volunteer with Us!

Ohio Democrats and our volunteers across the state are fired to protect Reproductive Rights and have knocked on over 35,000 doors and made over 48,000 calls! 

We hope you can join us for at least one shift to get out the word about the upcoming election and make sure everyone has a plan to vote YES on Issue 1 by November 7th.  

You can sign up for a canvassing shift using our canvass calendar below.

Canvass Calendar

Can’t join us on the doors? Sign up to make some calls! Ohio Democrats have pledged to make one million phone calls to voters about the November election. View our phonebank calendar and pick a few times to get on the dialer!

Phonebank Calendar

Blurred Lines

Republicans on the Ohio Redistricting Commission finally nominated a co-chair for the commission, a task that was so daunting to them that their squabbling held up the entire redistricting process last week.

By contrast, this week, the commission met and voted out a new statehouse map that accurately reflects the partisan divide in our state.

HA! Just kidding. You didn’t think the Ohio GOP would act in good faith, did you?! Instead, the Republicans on the commission released a proposed map that once again gerrymanders our state and lets politicians choose their voters rather than the other way around. 

Constitutional requirements direct mapmakers to aim for a partisan index that reflects voters’ recent preferences at the ballot box. During the previous redistricting process, that broke down to a 54-46 split in favor of Republicans. Nowhere near what Republicans approved this week. 

Not only was their map not representative of our electorate, it’s also tricky in other ways.  I mean…look at district 44 in the proposed map…

Unsurprisingly, the Republicans on the commission dismissed the concerns raised by Democrats Allison Russo and Nickie Antonio, and also refused to include the proposal submitted by the Democrats as an alternative working draft. Instead, the Republicans voted to move forward on their GOP-gerrymandered map. 

In August, the Ohio GOP led a campaign claiming their focus is protecting our state’s constitution. A few weeks later, here they are, throwing the Constitution aside and presenting illegal maps that ignore the law and will of Ohioans. It’s clear that Ohio Republicans want to pick and choose their voters to maintain their grip on power in our state.

Hear from a Frontline Candidate!

Next week, Ohio Dems will be hosting a virtual event with frontline candidate Congresswoman Emilia Sykes. Join us to hear more about the historic 2022 election and her plans to hold the seat in 2024!


Fighting for the Dignity of Work

And a quick note of solidarity with the UAW workers in Streetsboro, Toledo, West Chester, and across the country who are on strike, fighting for fair wages, better benefits, and the Dignity of Work. Ohio Democrats are standing strong with UAW workers and calling on wealthy Auto executives to honor the Dignity of Work and give their workers the pay, benefits and dignity they deserve.


Vanity Fair: Ohio’s Sherrod Brown Isn’t Sweating Out His Reelection Bid: “I Feel Good”

WSYX-TV Columbus: Workers at 2 Ohio plants to join UAW strike

NBC News: Ohio Supreme Court rules ‘unborn child’ wording can remain in abortion ballot language

WVXU Cincinnati: Opinion: Republicans preserve veto-proof majority with new maps, to no one’s surprise Ohio Congress members suggest government shutdown fixes as funding bill deadline nears

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