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Vote YES on Issue One

The sun is setting earlier, pumpkin spice everything is on the shelves in the grocery stores, and there’s a crisp in the air which can only mean one thing. Campaign season is upon us.

This November, voters will head back to the polls to vote YES on the new Issue One, a ballot initiative that seeks to protect abortion rights and other reproductive freedoms in Ohio’s Constitution.

Voting YES in November stops Republicans’ total abortion ban – with no exemptions for rape or incest – from taking effect and keeps the government out of our family’s personal medical decisions. Ohioans should have the freedom to make personal, private decisions for themselves and their families without corrupt politicians inserting themselves in the process.

Ohio Dems are proudly Pro-Choice, Pro-Women, and Pro-Issue One. Keep reading to see how you can get involved.

Volunteer with Us!

Ohio Democrats and our volunteers across the state are fired up and ready to knock doors and make calls! We are hosting a weekend of action THIS WEEKEND to get out there and make sure everyone has a plan to vote YES on Issue 1 by November 7th.

View door knocking shifts and sign up for one close to you!

Canvass Calendar

Can’t join us on the doors? Sign up to make some calls! Ohio Democrats have pledged to make one million phone calls to voters about the November election. View our phonebank calendar and pick a few times to get on the dialer!

Phonebank Calendar

While you prepare yourself to knock doors and make calls, be sure to deck yourself out in Ohio Dems’ latest fall styles!

Ohio Dems Fall Merch

Blurred Lines

Ohio’s latest attempt to create fair maps for the Statehouse fell apart on Wednesday when the redistricting commission swore in the new members before promptly recessing the meeting until Friday. Friday’s meeting was later postponed by DeWine. 

The inaction is likely caused by a proxy-war between current President of the Senate Matt Huffman who wants to run for the house next year and challenge current Speaker Jason Stephens. 

This is a clear example of Republicans failing to get their sh*t together, unable to do something as simple as appoint a co-chair to the commission after 16 months of inaction. 

Secretary of State LaRose says that the new legislative maps should be passed by September 22nd. Which is in *checks calendar* a week from today. That might be hard considering the first two “meetings” of the commission didn’t happen.

It’s clear that Republican politicians have broken the redistricting process and it must be reformed.

Loser LaRose Strikes Again

In case you forgot, LaRose is costing taxpayers $600,000 with his move to a new office. An office in the same building that houses his senate campaign office. According to Lying LaRose, the decision to move offices was “completely incidental”.  Sure, Frank.

LaRose tried to cover up for the decision stating that the move would save taxpayers dollars due to a rent that is $11,000 dollars lower per year. But the math isn’t adding up!! Using LaRose’s justification, it would take 54 years to make up the $600k in taxpayer dollars the move will cost.

Moving his office also makes you wonder if Frank, Ohio’s Chief Election official, will play fair in the upcoming highly contested primary he’s a part of. His ability to do his job has already been called into question this year alone for numerous reasons. Let’s review, shall we?

1. Frank painted himself as the face of the movement to make it harder to bring citizen-led ballot initiatives that tried to silence Ohioans by making it harder to change the constitution. 

2. When that attempt failed, he led the Ohio Ballot Board rewrote the November ballot language to confuse Ohioans and make it harder for the amendment to pass.

3. He ran a sketchy shadow campaign before formally announcing his run for Senate. 

It’s clear that LaRose is more focused on his personal political agenda than doing his job.

Fighting for the Dignity of Work

And a quick note of solidarity with the UAW workers in Toledo and across the country who are on strike, fighting for fair wages, better benefits, and the Dignity of Work. Our own U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown was out on the picket lines today standing in solidarity with Ohio workers and showing support for the cause.

Ohio Democrats are standing strong with UAW workers and calling on wealthy Auto executives to honor the Dignity of Work and give their workers the pay, benefits and dignity they deserve.


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