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IC-SS Weekly News: August 8, 2023

Our August Letter Parties

Democracy in the US depends on democracy in the states! This month, we’re turning our eyes to Virginia, in advance of their state legislative elections in the fall. 

Next Letter Party: Tuesday, August 22

Join our Vote Forward letter leader Steve Kagan and IC-SS friends to write letters to Virginia voters in swing districts – on Tuesday August 22, 6:00-8:00 pm at the Nile in Hyde Park. This letter campaign focuses on people who don’t always vote but are likely to vote for Democrats when they do cast a ballot. Sign up!


  • Together, we’ll write to Virginia voters on Tuesday, August 22, 6:00-8:00 pm, at the Nile Restaurant – 1162 E 55th – on the outdoor patio (indoors if weather or air is bad).
  • We’ll provide a few appetizers for the table and encourage everyone to support the Nile by purchasing their own meals and soft drinks.
  • The Nile is BYOB, so feel free to bring wine or beer.
  • If you can, bring along first-class stamps for the letters.
  • Most important, bring yourself! Sign up

Virginia Update: 11 Writers Nibble & Scribble

Last week, 11 of us wrote to over 125 likely Democratic voters in Virginia, encouraging them to turn out for the fall state legislature elections. (We also enjoyed some delicious fare at our beloved local restaurant, the Nile.) Won’t you join us again on Aug. 22?

 Tell Members of Congress: Expand the Court

“With a 6-3 Republican supermajority, the Supreme Court is deciding cases in a consistently partisan, anti-democracy, pro-corporate direction. We need a Court that better reflects the whole country, not just special interests and the Republican Party.”  ~Demand Justice“But there’s something we can do to fight back. Congress can add four seats to the Supreme Court by passing the Judiciary Act, which would rebalance the Court, restore its integrity, and pull it out of McConnell’s clutches.

“This isn’t a radical idea and it doesn’t take a constitutional amendment. Congress has already changed the size of the Supreme Court seven times in our nation’s history. It’s time to do it again.”  ~Four More project (fourmore.us)


  • Watch the recent panel discussion at Netroots Nation’s Chicago conference with Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Rep Greg Casar, Tristin Brown (Washington Lawyers Cmte), Brett Edkins (Stand Up America), and Murshed Zaheed (Take Back the Court):  Expanding Justice: Organizing to Reform the Supreme Court
  • Contact our senators and your House rep and ask them to support the Judiciary Act of 2023, which would expand the Supreme Court.

ANOTHER ACTION: Let’s ask our senators and reps to do all they can to end corruption and hold corrupt Supreme Court judges accountable by passing the SCERT bill. Senator Durbin was a original co-sponsor of the bill, but to date, Senator Duckworth has not co-sponsored it. Connect with members of Congress via national Indivisible – get more info and a script, and Indivisible will directly connect you to each senator and your rep. Find the info/take action here.

Drop the Charges Against the Tampa 5!

From CAARPR: The Tampa 5 are a group of activists who were assaulted by police for protesting against DeSantis attacks on diversity in education. Now the DeSantis regime is threatening these activists with 10 years in prison.

CAARPR and SDS at UIC are holding a protest on the day of the Tampa 5’s upcoming court appearance, and many of our local allies from the labor movement, community organizations and solidarity groups are standing with us. We need all our supporters to show up to defend the Tampa 5 because defending the Tampa 5 means defending the right to protest everywhere.

Join CAARPR Wednesday, August 9th, 6:00 pm at Federal Plaza. Get info and any updates/changes at the Facebook event page.

Organizations and Opportunities

Indivisible Chicago-South Side shares information and actions from other organizations on issues important in our country, state, city, and communities.

Treatment Not Trauma: Aug 8 & 14

Background info: We recently shared information about the the campaign for Treatment Not Trauma, a community care infrastructure for crisis response, mental health, and shared safety. (See our 7/24 newsletter and the Treatment Not Trauma policy paper.)

From STOP Chicago:  The Collaborative for Community Wellness (CCW), of which STOP is a member, is the umbrella coalition for the Treatment not Trauma campaign in Chicago.

  • CCW is holding a virtual Next Steps meeting on Tuesday, August 8 at 5:30 pm. Register here for the Zoom meeting.
  • There will also be an in-person Southside TNT meeting on Monday, August 14 at 6:00 pm at the STOP office, 602 E. 61st St. You can register here for the in-person meeting.

You Can Help Asylum Seekers

Asylum seekers continue to arrive in Chicago, and the City of Chicago is struggling to find shelter and services for them. Read:

  • A day with Chicago migrants: Sleeping in tents, hoping for progressWBEZ article
  • Updates from Alice Yin, Tribune reporter: Twitter thread

✋VOLUNTEER: Volunteer with the District 2 Chicago Police Station Response team by preparing or delivering meals to people sleeping at Districts 2 & 3: Meal Train for Districts 2 & 3

💸DONATE: Support the all-volunteer Chicago Police Station Response Team here.

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The mission of Indivisible Chicago - South Side is to unite south siders to fight for progressive values by exerting grassroots influence on our elected officials.

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